Lowey secures $965K for veterans


Congresswoman Nita Lowey  today announced that the Westchester Community Opportunity Program will receive $965,025 in federal funding to provide supportive services for 1,000 local veterans’ households.
“The brave men and women who have served our country deserve our thanks, praise, and support” said Lowey.  “I am pleased WestCOP will receive this federal funding, enabling the organization to provide important supportive services to local veterans.”
Under a federal program, the Department of Veteran Affairs will award grants to private non-profit organizations and consumer cooperatives that will provide supportive services to low-income Veteran families residing in or transitioning to permanent housing.

The grantees will provide a range of supportive services designed to promote housing stability to eligible very low-income Veteran families.


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  1. 965 grand? By the time they buy furniture and order pens for the political insiders who will run this, they’ll be broke. and asking for another 50 million in taxpayer bucks just for Westchester, never mind the rest of the country.

  2. Boondoggle, they’re not setting up a whole new office, they are simply offering additional social services to our veterans.

    Why would you begrudge assistance to our returning veterans, who have served to make sure that you keep your privilege of making such an asinine comment?

  3. I happen to be one of those “returning veterans” that you pretend to represent. As I said, 965 grand will be gone after the first truckload of furniture, coffee pots, cases of Columbian coffee, donuts and pens. What the veterans will get is lip service and press releases.

  4. Boondoggle, AS I SAID, they’re simply adding more funding to services, not setting up a whole new office. But you’ve already made up your angry little mind.

    If you really are one of those “returning veterans”, then I say, Thank You for your service to our Country. And goodnight.

  5. Since I have “an angry little mind,” there’s no need to gratuitously thank me for my “service.” If I have directly or indirectly serviced you in any way, I (and, I would venture to say, all the other “little minds” in uniform whom you enjoy denigrating, and have been struck dumb by your condescension,) regret it.

  6. JETSS: You can’t win, so don’t try. Boondoggle, admirable as a vet, is one more cynic who makes up the vast majority of the bloggers in the blogosphere. I happen to agree that WestCOP is not the right keeper of the dollar bill – they had three people jailed for embezzlement earlier this year – but the rhetoric by Boonie is more about the general snarky-ness of conservatives.

    I am mighty tired of the constant snarling anger which you rightly picked up from Boonie’s comments. He is one more…and there are many, many more on line….of those who can wait for the day when liberulls are vanished form the earth. We’ll all be in one great big United States of Texas. Won’t that be grand?

  7. Face it. The times, they are a changin’. Prepare for a Republican rout of the current White House and intelligent control of the Senate. Drag out the old Bob Dylan albums and weep.