Ball Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit


Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, voted against the same-sex marriage bill on June 24, but he doesn’t support the lawsuit filed by same-sex marriage opponents.

Ball said he wanted more religious protections in the bill for businesses who didn’t want to recognize same-sex couples. And while Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers agreed to toughen protections for religious organizations, Ball said it didn’t go far enough for his support.

He did, however, say all along that there should be a vote — which there was, and the measure passed in the Senate 33-29. It became law July 24.

“Rarely has democracy been as active or alive as it was the day of that vote,” Ball said in a statement last night. “While some, like this group, would have liked to of seen dysfunctional Albany bottle up any vote or debate, democracy won the day over Albany’s old dysfunctional politics. The votes were there, the vote was held, and the bill passed. This group apparently would have liked to see old Albany rear it’s ugly head, where a small minority controlled by the extreme and petty interest, could have killed democratic action. Democracy won.”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, a Monroe County-based conservative group, filed the lawsuit last week, claiming that the state’s open meeting law and other rules of the Senate were violated when the vote was held.


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  1. This guy, no matter what side of an issue he foghorns, remains a loud, hotdogging, intellectual lightweight. He’s the State senate’s mirror image of Schumer, always looking for a camera or microphone and then letting his every untutored, pandering, miscombobulated idea fall from his brain, and finally out of his mouth like a bubble gum machine.

  2. Ernest Paviour on

    You politicians sold our souls to the devil. It’s all about greed (money) and no principle. You have destroyed a great Democracy and disgraced our Forefathers. Gays are immoral and disgusting. Civil unions should suffice but evil has permeated government.

  3. He is absolutely wrong. It was a return to old Albany where the votes were bought and sold by unions and special interest groups. In this case it was the gay lobby and Bloomberg doing the buying. As a life long Republican I will work to defeat any politician that voted against the will of the people in their district.

  4. Brenda Doody on

    Dear Senator,
    Can politicians ever be trusted to stand on the platform that they were elected on? As a republican,
    I am thoroughly disgusted with the lot of you. I don’t agree with the principles of the Democrat party, but at least I know where they stand. You guys are all over the map . . . especially when the pressure is on. You owe it to your voters to “stand” no matter what. The old-fashioned word for that is “ethical!” Anything short of that, and you might as well join your rivals!!

  5. This bill has passed, so let it rest. Some agree, some do not and some are not sure what to think. It’s now history.
    Ball is just using this to gain attention like a little child always wanting to be the class clown.

    Work on something like….lowering school taxes.

  6. I am confused as to why this issue of same-sex “marriage” was NOT put before the PEOPLE of New York State. This is an issue that affects ALL of us and we should have the chance to vote on it in November. I am most upset over Republican representatives who are totally unethical and cave when the pressure is on (as Brenda stated). Senator Saland for one sold out his constituents and I will NEVER trust him again.

  7. What Senator Ball, Supervisor Rights and all those seeking to be elected in Southeast should do is state their position on the land swap deal that Developer Lepler tried to make happen around July 4th and state their position on the Crossroads project Lepler is proposing. Lepler wanted to trade useless swamp land for 10 acres of prime land and he almost pulled it off. This is the same guy who somehow managed to convince the Southeast Town Board to serve as the lead agency for his Crossroads project opposite Home Depot (across I-84). Lepler tore down the mountain top to build the Highlands (Home depot shopping center) and now he wants to build a five story hotel and build a big box store without going to the Zoning or Planning Board. You guys though Leibell had power, Lepler gets what he wants and it seems like no one questions him. Someone should look into why the Town Board in Southeast is serving as lead agent for the Crossroads project. What do they know about environmental issues and planning and zoning changes that will be needed for this project? What do the candidates running for the Southeast Town Board think about the Crossroads project bypassing the Planning and Zoning Boards? Senator Ball if you are not in Lepler’s pocket you should make sure his project goes before the Planning and Zoning Boards like all other projects.

  8. @Gladys – how does same-sex marriage affect “all of us”? Will you now be forced to marry someone of the same sex? Does divorce – the dissolution of a marriage – affect all of us? No – only those couples who have bad marriages. Same sex marriage affects those couples of the same sex who want the same benefits that you have.

  9. Caesar Dressing on

    How does it affect us? It defines deviancy down. “It is the condemnation of homosexuality, rather than homosexuality itself, that will be increasingly stigmatized as morally deviant.” And so does Rome fall.