NYLCV endorses Harckham


The New York League of Conservation Voters endorsed Majority Leader Peter Harckham in his re-election bid for the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Harckham, a Democrat representing District 2, is a former chair of the board’s Committee on Environment and Energy and current chair of the Subcommittee on Septics.

“It is truly an honor to once again have the support of the League of Conservation Voters, which is one of the most respected and effective advocates for protecting the environment in New York State,” said Harckham. “I am proud that we’ve been able to continue protecting our water quality and other conservation efforts during this time of fiscal belt tightening. I believe that good environmental policy is good fiscal policy.”

Harckham received the group’s backing in 2007 and 2009.

District 2 includes Bedford, Lewisboro, Mount Kisco, North Salem, Pound Ridge and part of Somers.


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  1. Nice potted palm. Now, how about some jobs? Keep ordering in dinner and charge it to me. Uh oh. Harkham just spilled some shrimp cocktail sauce on his tie. Send it to the cleaners and bill the spot remover to the taxpayers.

  2. “I am proud that we’ve been able to continue protecting our water quality and other conservation efforts during this time of fiscal belt tightening MY BELT IS GETTING TIGHTER AS WELL . I believe that good environmental policy is good fiscal policy.”I BELIEVE I’LL HAVE ANOTHER SLICE OF PIZZA and as a good fiscal policy – I’ll bill the taxpayers.

  3. Soothsayer21 on

    “Since being sworn in, Legislator Harckham has not taken a dime of reimbursement of any kind from taxpayers. He refused a $3,000 stipend for serving as chair of the Committee on Environment and Energy; he refused a $9,000 stipend for serving as the legislative Majority Leader; and he has refused any mileage reimbursement.” -Bedford Patch 8/2/11

  4. Soothsayer21 on

    Ummm…Harckham donates $9000 in salary back to Westchester County and has refused reimbursement for any travel or meal expenses.

    Astorino’s Tea Party liars won’t let the facts stand in their way.

  5. Soothsayer21 on

    Pete Harckham cut Westchester County taxes by -2.2%.
    That’s more than twice as much as the wimpy cut proposed by Astorino.

  6. I saw no tax decrease! Who’s kidding whom? Smoke and mirrors. Furthermore, we have never seen in Westchester ANY Democrat politician who wants to or has cut taxes anywhere, anytime. EVER!

  7. No Tea Party Liar here! Blue Collar Democratic Coffee Drinker is more like it. I just don’t like people who work 1 day a week, and get paid 50 thousand for it, and then whine about a 16 hour day, and then bill me for dinner.!!!

    Even after that MAGNANIMOUS $9,000 salary donating, which is a lulu anyway and he shouldn’t be taking it in the first place, then he wouldn’t have to “donate” my money back to me , but even after that , he still collects enough of my money to buy his own pizza.

    And…anybody who starts a comment “ummm” is a self important dope.

  8. Hey free pizza-

    If you’re a Democrat then I’m Michelle Bachmann. But you were already busted as a liar.
    Maybe if you yell a little louder and get real nasty you’ll get some people to believe you.

  9. Voted for Walter Mondale over Ronald Reagan and I’d do it again. I just don’t like politicians helping themselves to my money while whining about how hard they work – one day a week.

    Maybe you wish you were Michelle Bachmann. Not me – Beer drinking Walter Mondale is my kind of politician. Him and Bruce Babbitt. For a woman politician, you can keep Bachmann. Ann Richards was my girl.

    Now the “liar” thing – that was you, right – so you’re citing your own post as confirmation? Did you write that Bedford Patch piece you cited too?

    If you have no problem with the catering budget – then call the BOL and tell them you’ll pick up the tab. You should be flush for cash with that -2.2% That’s more than twice as much as the “wimpy cut” proposed by Astorino, right?

    That’s a lot of dough!

  10. Soothsayer, you seem to know all the details. Please tell me, does Peter Harckham participate in the County healthcare program?