Yonkers’ Lesnick endorsed by conservation voters


Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick got an endorsement in his mayoral campaign from the New York League of Conservation Voters on Aug. 1.

“Yonkers need a leader focused on moving the city towards a more sustainable future,” said Nanette Bourne, chair of NYLCV’s Westchester chapter. “That’s why the New York League of Conservation Voters is proud to endorse Chuck Lesnick for election.”

Lesnick, who is not the Democratic Party’s official candidate, is running against party candidate Assemblyman Mike Spano and Robert Flower.


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  1. Whore to Culture on

    Maybe this whole cabal of liberal Dems could start conserving some of the public’s money instead of some long lost tree in downtown Yonkers that no longer exists.

  2. Maybe this whole cabal of Republicans should find another planet to rape. I hear that Mars has plenty of water, but it’s briny and they would have to invest in a desalinization plant, but at least there’s no earth-like ecosystems for them to kill.

  3. Whore to Culture on

    But there will be the inevitable free loader aboard the space ship to start the whole process again of asking for more and more while contributing nothing.

  4. Mr. Lesnick is a very smart man. Very decent as well. I don’t see him winning in Yonkers against anyone from the Spano family.