Watch live: Obama addresses state of nation’s economy (Updated)


President Barack Obama is set to deliver remarks at 1 p.m. on the nation’s economy following last week’s historic credit rating downgrade by S&P and this morning’s stock market plunge, as well as an update on recent military deaths in Afghanistan.

Update: You can watch CNN’s archived version of Obama’s remarks below…


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  1. Big business is flush, but nervous. They won’t start hiring until Obama (and his crowd) are gone. Simple as that.

  2. Howard T. Lewis III on

    Another lobotomy symptom is the lack of emotion or the ability to grasp what it is. Add this in with psychopathic passivity and lack of memory, as in Obummer’s failure to remember any of his campaign promises or reason to honor them. This spells l-o-b-o-t-o-m-y. Look it up, cadet.