Mike Spano gets endorsement from 32BJ


Yonkers Assemblyman Mike Spano got a mayoral endorsement from the SEIU’s 32BJ, the state’s largest private-sector union.

“Yonkers needs a mayor who stands up for working families,” said Hector Figueroa, the union’s secretary treasurer, in a statement released on Aug. 12. “Mike Spano has shown leadership and commitment in his efforts to improve both the local economy and the lives of working men and women.”


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  1. While the Democratic governor struggles to keep the state afloat, this guy hooks up not with the taxpayer, but with the grasping unions.

  2. Tax Hike Mike Spano on

    No surprise here. Mike Spano is a union poodle just like his brother. No one ever accused any of the Spanos of being on the side of the taxpayer, that’s for sure!! The special interests can count on Mike Spano, just like they could count on Andy and Nick.

    Fortunately for the good people of the City of Yonkers, the days of putting up with Spano Tax Hikes are over and no way the voters elect Tax Hike Mike in this economy.

  3. Friend of Labor on

    This is a great endorsement, Mike ! And, I am sure that this endorsement is just the first of many more to come ! You know you are the only sane one out of those council lunatics that have run our city into the ground and you are going to win – hands down !

  4. Here is a union who demonstrated on a private home owners lawn , and a endorsing a turn coat Republican, who became a Democrat, to help him become Mayor. this isn’t Mike Spano idea, it was his brother, Nick. if Mike ever becomes mayor of Yonkers,s this city will be on the verge of Bankruptcy with in 4 years. and he will be a One term Mayor..Just like Obama.
    since he turn Democrat, he has a very Liberal voting record , and is also back by the “Working Families Party” (Acorn)…once the voters of Yonkers see what a phonie this guy is,,,he will be toast. and with this endorsement..he will surly lose…..