David Dinkins endorses Clinton Young


Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins endorsed Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton Young for a second term on Friday.

“I am here with Mayor Young because I believe in him and am proud of what he has already accomplished,” Dinkins said in a statement released by Young’s campaign.

Young said in the statement that Dinkins deserved a lot of credit for helping to turn New York City around.

“His endorsement is proof that word is out about our improving image and that progress must continue in Mount Vernon,” Young said.


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  1. Have Another Fatburger on

    Nice picture. Seems like the Socialists are getting fatter than the Capitalists which is always the pattern when they take political power. Under Dinkins, if anyone remembers, NYC morphed into the Wild, Wild West. You couldn’t even go the the theater without a hard-hat and a bazooka. His one “accomplishment” was to re-direct airplanes from the tennis matches he parked himself at causing problems for the airports. If he wanted to give me an endorsement for anything, I’d endorse his supercilious nose with a pie for destroying a once great City which, thanks to Giuliani, was restored to a modicum of civility.

  2. “He deserves a lot of credit for turning NYC around,” says Young. Comedy club material. Young must have just dropped in from Mars.

  3. Fatburger…if YOU remember, it was Dinkins who initiated the “Safe Streets” who also allowed homesteaders to purchase the apartments THEY invested their sweat equity in for years. As for Guiliani, the “one-note Johnny” who took ALL the credit for the City’s response to 9/11 and who trampled on everyone’s civil rights. Is it civil to announce to the world you are divorcing your mate before telling her or him? If so, spare me your “modicum of civility.”

  4. Gimme a break. Dinkins let riots go on for multiple days, telling the cops through the police commissioner to “take no action.” I know two of them personally who were told to stand an 8 hour shift on different corners in Harlem and twiddle their thumbs while wildebeasts broke windows and looted. Where were you and your “civil rights” when drugged-out windshield washers took over every exit on the East and West Side Drive and intimidated driver after driver into paying them money under duress? Where were you when the only people on Times Square were druggie muggers and the Theater District almost closed down from lack of business? Dinkins supported the initial not guilty verdict for the murderer of scholar Yankel Rosenbaum, ensuring his defeat for reelection. “Safe Streets,” my wide Fatburger azz!

  5. I read this early 90’s safe streets thing yesterday and I’m still getting a chuckle out of it. As I recall those days, the streets were safe for you so long as you holed up in your apartment and never went out.