Today’s the day: CSEA to tally contract vote


The state’s largest public employees union will take most of the day to tally tens of thousands of ballots on whether to approve a slimmed-down contract proposal that freezes pay and includes furloughs but avoids several thousand layoffs, a spokesman for the state Civil Service Employees Association said today.

CSEA, which represents some 66,000 public workers across New York, reached a tentative deal with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office in June, and voting by mail wrapped up last week. Stephen Madarsz said the union believes close to 30,000 workers responded, though there’s no way to know for sure until the ballots are all counted.

Madarasz said the results would be announced later today, barring unforeseen circumstances.

The tally will be watched closely by state workers and Cuomo’s office. The governor promised up to 9,800 layoffs if public workers unions didn’t agree to $450 million in concessions. After CSEA reached a tentative deal, the Public Employees Federation soon followed, agreeing to a near-identical deal the next month.

The deal averts pending layoffs, but freezes salary for three years before giving 2-percent cost-of-living raises the following two years. Workers would have to take five furlough days this year and four days in 2012, and employee insurance contributions would increase.


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  1. Here is a union who demonstrated on a private home owners lawn , and a endorsing a turn coat Republican, who became a Democrat, to help him become Mayor. this isn’t Mike Spano idea, it was his brother, Nick. if Mike ever becomes mayor of Yonkers,s this city will be on the verge of Bankruptcy with in 4 years. and he will be a One term Mayor..Just like Obama.
    since he turn Democrat, he has a very Liberal voting record , and is also back by the “Working Families Party” (Acorn)…once the voters of Yonkers see what a phonie this guy is,,,he will be toast. and with this endorsement..he will surly lose…..

  2. And he surely will be surly when he loses. Yonkers never thinks when it votes, it just blindly follows a Party line, whichever Party. Never has, never will.