Ball Questions Fellow Republican’s Stance On Disaster Aid (Updated)


Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, said today he plans to hold a hearing on the state and federal response to Tropical Storm Irene and questioned Rep. Nan Hayworth’s stance that disaster aid needs to be tied to cuts in federal spending.

Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco, Westchester County, was quoted in the Middletown Times Herald-Record yesterday saying that she supports the position of House Republicans that any additional disaster aid needs to be coupled with cuts elsewhere in the federal budget.

Ball said that position is misguided.

He said he doesn’t know “if she’s taking orders from (House Speaker John) Boehner or (House Majority Leader Eric) Cantor or whoever, but she needs to spend a little bit more time in the district and see the pain,” Ball told Gannett’s Albany Bureau. “I mean you can’t be attaching people’s lifeline to a political game in D.C.”

Hayworth sent a letter to President Obama yesterday asking that the entire 19th Congressional District, which stretches across the Hudson Valley, be declared a federal disaster area. Some of it was yesterday.

Ball heads the Senate Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs and said his hearing will try to explore ways state and local governments could have better responded and prepared for the storm, which wiped out parts of upstate and at its height left 1 million people without power.

“Everybody in government should accept blame for the fact that New York state right now, 10 years after 9/11, is not prepared for either a man made or natural disaster,” he said.

Updated: Ball just put out a statement that knocks Hayworth:

“In the wake of a disaster where families are reeling from the impact, it’s vitally important that all branches of government be in a position to immediately and proactively step up to the plate and provide dignity and comfort in a time of need. Playing politics and making any assertion that we should withhold services and funds necessary to provide comfort is simply a dereliction of duty,” Ball said. “It seems that our representative in Congress is more focused on playing political gamesmanship in the Beltway rather than providing the necessary leadership to defend and support the struggling families, small business owners, and taxpayers back home.


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  1. It won’t be long before the RINO label gets tossed around Ball’s neck regarding this issue. Too bad because he is right on this. Hayworth is just mouthing the party mantra and clearly does not have enough of a backbone to stray from her leadership’s rhetoric.

  2. Ball is out for Ball. If your interests are now and then concomitantly served, it’s a coincidence.

  3. Wow, I had to look up ‘concomitantly’. I suppose that I will just refer to the old cliche about a broken clock…

  4. That it is correct twice a day? Well, seems I have another four hours for one more correct and cogent post. Thanks for the update.

  5. Right-said Fred on

    Now who out there doesn’t think Greg Ball wont run for Congress next? Anybody?

    It’s a matter of time. Ask Will Stephens, John Deignan, Vinny Leibell. The BALL is rolling. Next stop: D.C. Take note, Nan Kelly, er, Hayworth.

  6. What happened to Reagan’s 11th commandment? THOU SHALL NOT SPEAK ILL OF A FELLOW REPUBLICAN.

    ball is a classic narcissist with serious emotional issues. Can’t say good riddance soon enough.

  7. fat jealous pete on

    those southeast/brewster L-O-S-E-R-S can’t get over Ball smashing every L-O-S-E-R they put against him. Face it, Ball is here to stay. The only “good riddance” you’ll be saying to him is when he becomes the Congressman for the 19th and goes to Washington.

  8. Turn Over Your Walleet on

    You supplying the financing? Because if he plans to “Rino” out, he won’t get it from the Republican Party or the independent Tea Partiers.

  9. Hayworth is an idiot. Same with Cantor. He has plenty of money for Israel. For America and American’s; not so much.

    Love from Orange County, NY.

  10. Who is playing the political game?
    Senator Ball is the one playing politics. Not Congresswoman Hayworth. In her recent statement requesting Federal Recovery Assistance, she does not mention cutting Federal spending to get money for Hudson Valley damage by Irene. If she did – she is right. When the government spends needed money for taxpayer emergencies, they need to cut somewhere else NOT PRINT MORE MONEY or ADD TO THE NATIONAL DEBT. How about they send less money to Haiti or other countries and use our money for the devastation in this country?
    In addition, where has the Senator been for Homeland Security with NYSEG? After living in the Hudson Valley for 38 years I have seen a steady decline in the electrical service with NYSEG. Two weeks before Irene there was a half hour thunderstorm in the area. We lost our electricity and PHONE for sixteen hours. With Irene we lost our electricity and PHONE for over 30 hours. For our seniors who cannot afford a cell phone this can be life threatening. If it wasn’t a storm but terrorism this could have been life threatening for all of us.
    Senator Ball has been in government for 5 years. Congresswoman Hayworth has been in government for 8 months. You do the math and decide who is playing the political game.

  11. Ball’s job is to represent his district within NY State. Hayworth, by nature of her Washington seat, has additional, larger responsibilities which include national policies and international affairs. Furthermore, anyone who calls a “politician” a politician misses the very obvious point: They are all politicians. That is why they are called politicians.