Davis to get endorsement from law enforcement group


Former Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest Davis will get an endorsement from the National Black Association of Police, Westchester Chapter Blacks in Law Enforcement on Saturday.

The 11 a.m. event at City Hall Plaza will include a talk about crime by Davis and Damon K. Jones, the organization’s president. Davis is trying to unseat Mayor Clinton Young in the Sept. 13 primary, where the mayor’s race will be essentially decided in this overwhelmingly Democratic city.

Earlier today Jones said that his group decided to support Davis because of Davis’ history of working with youth and ex-offenders, and for his economic development record.

“You can’t just arrest your way out of the problems,” said Jones, whose group has 30 members in police, corrections and the courts. “Our philosophy is that policing is not just policing through the law. It has to be economic development, education and having jobs.”


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  1. Damon Jones is a wanna be cop, he is a correction officer that created a group of flunkie correction officers and disgruntled cops and gives himself a title. Jones is a laughing stock in the law enforcement community and no police officers give him any respect, he is a fraud and those who accept his endorsement know his organization is fake. 30 members, you really have to be kidding me.

  2. Damon Jones is well respected in local, state and national politics and law enforcement as well. Ive never seen jones or the members of blacks in law enforcement asking for respect from any police officer or law enforcement institution … Jack just sounds like a hater because jones and his organization is exposing law enforcements dirty tricks and lies

  3. Jack got it right. Everything you ever hear or read from this guy Jones, is anti- cop. Real cops disregard him like a loud, buzzing, bloviating gnat. He’s like Fat Al Sharpton dressed up as a security guard.

  4. Jones is a joke. After years of trying to push his organization it still only has 30 members??? That tells you about the lack of respect that he has.

    Also, Jones does not vote. Before registering to vote in Mount Vernon last year, his prior registration in Greenburgh was inactivated and ultimately canceled by the Board of Elections because he never voted. That is public information and can easily be verified.