Lesnick criticizes timing of Spano’s mailings


City Council President Chuck Lesnick’s recent mayoral campaign e-blast criticized Assemblyman Mike Spano for mailings he’s done on the state’s dime.

Lesnick, who faces party-back candidate Spano and Robert Flower  in the Sept. 13 Democratic primary, said Spano is abusing his privileges.

“We find it reprehensible that a state assemblyman can use the public coffers to crank out campaign literature in the guise of official mailing during such bad fiscal times,” Lesnick’s email stated.

Spano campaign spokesman Jason Baker said that Spano’s mailing was done in July and that there are very strict deadlines that the Assembly has regarding mailings.

Baker said Spano issued three mailings about new laws and changes, which is something he does every year.

“There is nothing political. Everything is legislative,” Baker said of the flier. “This is just another attempt by Chuck Lesnick to divert attention from the real issues affecting Yonkers.”


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  1. you should see some of the expensive pieces Lesnick used to mail out and maybe still does – paid for by city.

  2. He did it too. He did it too, daddy. He started it. Waaaaaaaagh! Daddy: “I don’t care WHO started it, knock it off.”

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    Love the pictures of all these politicians in their Sy Syms blue suits with an empty head stuck on top, posing like they were inner-city Aristotles.