Hayworth will co-chair Hurricane Irene coalition


U.S. Rep Nan Hayworth will co-chair a group that will make sure FEMA has “the resources” to support the post-Irene recovery and that Congressional members can turn to when looking for information on how to help their districts. The bipartisan coalition, she said, was formed this morning after a meeting hosted by Rep. Peter Welch, a Vermont Democrat.

“Forming the coalition will allow us as members of Congress to come together across the aisle to provide both the best immediate relief we can for our constituents and, more than that, do the meaningful planning for the longer term as we recover from this catastrophe,” Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco, said in a statement. “The coalition will prepare for future events to minimize loss of life, loss of property, and damage to our communities.”

Hayworth said coalition members met this morning with FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, Deputy Administrator Richard Serino, and White House staff.

You can see her announcement here.

She was criticized last week after expressing support for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s apparent call linking disaster aid with federal spending cuts.


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  1. Note that there are EIGHT co-chairs of this “committee”. This has more the trappings of a public relations vehicle than a real working committee. We look forward to the tangible results from Hayworth’s efforts but are not holding our collective breath.

    She was criticized because she likened her constituents’ losses of their homes and/or businesses to a small bump in the road that could be solved by, say, skipping the vacation trip this year. What she doesn’t realize is that many of her constituents gave up things like vacations a few years ago – right now they are trying to put food on the table. So a ruined crop or collapsed home is not a simple thing.

    Ms Hayworth is extremely wealthy – one of the 50 wealthiest members of Congress. She has no concept of what the true working (and out of work) Americans go through. Holding disaster relief hostage to clean air, clean water, safe air travel, or adequate healthcare is inexcusable.

  2. Anyone who utilizes the rest room and vacates his/her chair, will lose that chair and become a member of the Standing Committee.