Yonkers’ Flower denounces Gail Burns appointment


Yonkers mayoral candidate Robert Flower criticized the Westchester County Board of Legislators’ hiring of Conservative Party insider Gail Burns.

Here is what Flower, who is challenging Democratic-party backed candidate Mike Spano and City Council President Chuck Lesnick in the Sept. 13 primary, said in his press statement released yesterday.

The recent hiring of long-time conservative activist Gail Burns as a County Board of Legislators administrative aide and the expectation that this will lead to write-in votes on the Conservative line for Mike Spano as Mayor of Yonkers  is one more example of the backroom politics that has hindered  progress in the city, said Democratic Mayoral candidate Bob Flower today.

“It’s a commitment to the same-old, same-old  politics that keeps those responsible for Yonkers’ problems in positions of executive and legislative responsibility,” Flower declared.  “How can residents of Yonkers break free of this bondage if the same people who brought the city to its current state of disrepute continue to shape its future.”

The lifelong resident of Yonkers is basing his campaign on an “after all the politicians, it’s time for competence” theme and is calling for someone with executive, rather than legislative, experience to head City Hall.

“The city needs new ideas and executive skills, not the failed policies and leadership of the past,” he said.


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  1. I agree, at a time when CE Astorino is looking to lay off CSEA workers, many whom have years of service, is disgusting. Political patronage is still alive and well in the County no matter who is running the show. Shame Shame Shame on the County for giving jobs to their political allies(and there are many) while laying off hard working, long term, county employees.

  2. Get the Facts, Jack on

    You don’t get it nonya. Burns outrageously threw the Conservative Party endorsement to Andy Spano, leading to her being tossed out. She is the very LAST person Astorino would back for ANY position whatsoever. The Democrats nefariously made this appointment in patronage to assuage the ethically challenged brothers Nick and Mike Spano, who have shown themselves eager and willing to join with anyone who promotes their individual, self-serving goals.