Yonkers Democratic chair: Endorsed candidates’ showing not embarrassing


Symra Brandon, chair of the Yonkers Democratic Committee, said today that last night’s returns showing three of the party’s four endorsed candidates behind the top vote-getters is not a reversal for the committee.

Party-endorsed candidates Christopher Johnson and Dennis Robertson for the City Council’s First and Third Districts and county Legislator Jose Alvarado in the 17th legislative district were all in second place in last night’s initial returns, which varied from 62 to 79 percent of election districts reporting.

“I wouldn’t use the word embarrassing. We have one strong candidate and the numbers are still out,” said Brandon, noting party-endorsed Assemblyman Mike Spano’s clear numerical advantage in the Democratic mayoral primary.

Brandon said that even if her committee’s endorsed candidates don’t pull ahead, the party will welcome the candidates that prevail.

“You challenge the establishment, you win it and the establishment works with you,” said Brandon, adding that voter turnout in her party’s races was very low. “We coalesce around those people who come out of the primary. We’ll just move ahead and continue our job to win. It’s part of the democratic process.”


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  1. Actually the Yonkers Democratic Party was humiliated last night. I hope the challengers don’t work with you. I hope Virginia Perez especially, tells you to talk a walk.

  2. Perez is a star on the rise…the dem establishment needs to abandon Alvarado immediately and try to get Perez elected. I think she may not need the party’s help in November and that should be very scary for dem leadership. The Republican candidate in this race is unelectable.

  3. Inky — you’re wrong here. Virginia Perez is not a rubber stamp. She fought the machine every step of the way. They cheated her out of a win that was rightfully hers two years ago. This is pay back.

  4. She will buck Jenkins and Lafayette and the ultra liberal agenda? Why? Politically, she completely agrees with them. Same old, same old.

  5. Have you been listening? Alvarado – the election cheat – whose attorney and pal Wilson Soto was convicted of election fraud – still ended up with the Working Families Party endorsement. Why do you suppose that was?
    The answer is Virginia Perez wouldn’t tell the WFP what they wanted to hear. She didn’t even bother with the Independence Party line — didn’t give them one dime. She stayed true to her principles and won the old fashioned way — door to door in her district in some pretty rough neighborhoods.
    Inky, listen to what she’s saying and don’t let your assumptions get in the way. No way she’s same old same old.

  6. Virginia Perez likely win for Legislator reminds you of another dynamic Democrat, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins who beat an entrenched incumbent Legislator Herman Keith.

    I think Perez will fight for the people that live in Southwest Yonkers.

    Democratic Chairwoman Symra Brandon will make sure that people that have won the primaries work together.

  7. What was the final vote, 21-19? If Alvarado splits the vote, one more Republican to help sanitize the legislature.

  8. 21-19? No not exactly. That is a silly comment.

    Republicans don’t sanitize anything. Read the headlines about Liebell today. What was his party?

    More likely Alvarado, if he is foolish enough to stay in the race, and the GOP candidate, will split the Friends and Families vote and Perez will go to White Plains in January.