Mount Vernon mayor’s race still unresolved


Mount Vernon’s mayor’s race is still unresolved as of Thursday afternoon, according to the elections officials and the leading candidates.

With 18 of 76 district still unreported, Comptroller Maureen Walker led former Mayor Ernest Davis by 121 votes in the Democratic primary.

Elections Commissioner Douglas Colety said Board of Elections staffers began unsealing the voting machines Thursday and uploading the voting information for a preliminary tabulation.

As of this afternoon, the complete voting data had not been posted on the Board of Elections’ website.

An attorney for Mount Vernon Comptroller Maureen Walker filed papers in court Wednesday seeking to participate in the recount.

Walker and Davis, or their attorneys, are expected to appear in the state Supreme Court on Friday at 10 a.m. before Justice Joan B. Lefkowitz to discuss the recount plan.


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  1. How in hell can 25% of the districts remain unreported over heading to the third day after the polls have closed?

  2. Four square miles, millions of dollars worth of new machines, two $150,000 (part time) elections commissioners, a paltry 6000 votes cast and 25% of the districts can’t come up with a count! Any wonder this city is what it is and what it will long remain?