Ball again knocks Hayworth on Irene


State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, criticized Rep. Nan Hayworth this week for her  “yes” vote last week on a stopgap spending bill that linked emergency relief funds for those suffering from Tropical Storm Irene with offsetting cuts in spending elsewhere in the federal budget.

“Residents, taxpayers and small business owners are suffering, trying to rebuild their lives after one of the most devastating storms in years. The decision to tie disaster relief to spending cuts shows many in the Beltway are completely out of touch with the immediate needs of working people and blue collar families. Our Congresswoman has now flip flopped again, saying one thing in the district via press releases and government mail, then voting another way down in Washington, DC. Its well beyond time that our ‘representatives’ at the nation’s capital stop playing politics and just deliver the relief our beleaguered homeowners need,” Ball said in a statement.

Ball faulted Hayworth earlier in the month for seeming to tie disaster relief with federal spending cuts. In a statement then, she said politics wouldn’t be part of the process.

The Senate eventually rejected the House bill and passed its own version today.

Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco, has a Hurricane Recovery page on her website. She also co-chairs a coalition making sure FEMA has the resources for the post-Irene recovery and that also serves as an information source for members of Congress looking for help in their districts.


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  1. Krazy Konservative on

    Excuse me, George P., but both Greg Ball and Nan Hayworth are conservative Republicans.

    Here comes the Cannon-Ball Express: next stop Congress. Check with fmr Assemblyman Will Stephens and fmr State senator Vinnie Leibell to see out what fate awaits soon-to-be fmr Congresswoman Hayworth.

    US Congressman Greg Ball vs. US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, 2018. Get ready.

  2. Ball will always attack to make himself look better. He has proven that it works by getting elected in the Assembly and now the Senate. It is always easier to take a cheap shot to look better. Sometimes he gets lucky like with the former senator. Does Congresswoman Hayworth have any thing he can dig on…because he surly will.

  3. Ball for Congress on

    Support him or not, Ball is the rising star in Putnam county politics. Anyone not friendly with Ball will never make it to first base politically. Not talking about having his endorsement, just his respect. The only holdout is the town of southeast, filled with Vinny supporters on their committee, probably because Ball laid waste to every southeast effort to get rid of him. He destroyed Will Stephens, he destroyed John Degnan, he destroyed John Degnan again, and he brushed aside the $350,000 “Truth About Ball” harassment campaign that was funded by Leibell, run by southeast people.

    Ball does attack, yes, but he’s smart about it, unlike some true jokesters we’ve seen these past few years, all they do is attack without talking about anything else. These guys wish they were nearly as smart as Greg Ball.

    As to the Hayworth comment, I think she’ll be a ship passing in the night. I think her first term is only two years, and Ball will let that pass. But there’s no question, Ball will be taking a shot at that Congressional seat, and without Leibell Hayworth will be a hiker with no compass. It was Leibell who put her up. Anyone who makes a deal with Leibell turns out on the losing end, ultimately.

  4. Who are the good guys? on

    I am very disappointed in Senator Photo Op, aka Greg Ball. Anyone who’s been around long enough knows he was too good to be true and lately he’s proven that he can out-Lib even the most left wing Democrats. He began his career by going after the illegal Hispanics in Brewster and Southeast. Fast forward to his recent pilgrimage to Peekskill where he’s promised the Dem controlled council (most of whom are running for election) a one stop shop to provide information about jobs and entitlements to those in need of more taxpayer funded benefits. All his conservative principles have gone out the window, if he ever had any in the first place.

  5. Ball for Congress on

    you have to do what’s necessary to win, and he’s going to win Congress. It’s when you start destroying other people to get ahead, and you have a reputation for it, that is the swan song for an aspiring politician. Ball’s next step is Congress. And he’s got the horses to do it.

  6. Ball for Congress – Hi Greg. I assume this is Greg or Greg’s intern/staffer/volunteer? Seriously, Ball’s just a douche who wants to climb the ladder of politics for his own ego than to make any change. You crapped out on all of your supporters when you WERE gonna run for Congress and suddenly decided, meh, Congress isn’t for me, I’ll take a State Senate seat instead. Why is it that you want to be a part of Congress, exactly? Because you crapped out last time and screwed your supporters who donated to you with the intention to run for Congress, and now it’s just a belated quid pro quo? What, is Albany all cleaned up and that’s why you want to move on to the next highest seat? You’re a narcissistic hack, plain and simple. Do something honorable, like help make Albany better. People like you are why New Yorkers don’t vote.