Ball joins with former White Plains mayor


Republican state Assemblyman Senator Greg Ball will be at the Carmel Town Board meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday 10/5) to talk about creating jobs and economic revitalization. He will team up with former White Plains Mayor Joseph Delfino.

“Mayor Delfino gets it,” Ball said in a statement. “He understands that government needs to get out of the way and let small businesses do what they do best. Create jobs. We’re taking that message to towns and cities throughout my district and letting people know we’re here to help, create partnerships and offer the support and resources needed to put people back to work,” added Ball.

“I wasn’t the smartest mayor, but I brought people together. I put the right people in the room and started a conversation,” Delfino said in a statement. “Greg Ball recognizes that government needs to work for people, not against them. If you create a environment that encourages business and works with people, you will be successful.”

The board meeting starts at 7 p.m. in Carmel town hall on McAlpin Avenue.


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  1. Haaahaaahoooeeeeee on

    Yup, you certainly were not the smartest guy in the room Joe ….

    Crappy Mayor.

  2. Funny that when it came time to actually buy a place, DelFino picked a place with far less development – Rhode Island, and definitely not Providence or any of the other overdeveloped cities.

  3. Ball for Congress on

    Seize Leibell’s house. It was built with ill-gotten gains. Then if he wants it back, make him work for it by ratting out all his playmates that seem to think all is forgotten.

  4. Ball for Congress on

    by the way, what are the feds going to do about the $350,000 Leibell & Maguire misappropriated from the now-cleaned out Victory Fund? In 2008, they had over $300,000. In 2010, they had $68.32. And almost all of it went to “hire” Ray Maguire for consulting in an unknown political race. Leibell did the same thing to his own Senate account. He couldn’t spend it, so he cleaned it out, “hiring” Ray Maguire for more political consulting. There were months Leibell was paying Maguire $25,000 for “consulting”. All the cash went into that WPD abyss, which sources say is the next federal target. If it weren’t for the feds, Leibell would still be King of the Hill in Putnam County, stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down to the floor.

  5. Department of Redundandt Redundancy on

    Someone should seize your computer and then see to it that your computer is seized. Even those inclined to agree with you find good reason to disagree with you because you’re annoying.