Ball on Fox News on Hank Jr.


State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, appeared on Fox News Tuesday night and took a bit of a beating after saying Hank Williams’ comment where he used Hitler to describe President Obama playing golf with House Speaker John Boehner was stupid.

You can see the clip here.


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  1. The consultant on

    good for greg ball…he said what hannity and deidra Imus should have can
    criticize the president all you want but making any analogy to adolf hitler demonstrates
    either that you have absolutely no sense of history or you are so taken with your own
    celebrity that you don’t know where the line is…williams couldn’t articulate why he
    was offended by the boehner obama golf game ..he just threw out an analogy one
    which was ridiculous..simply because the president and the republicans in the congress
    have disagreements is not a reason not to try and meet to work them out..that is
    hardly the same thing as a meeting between the monster who murdered 6 million jews
    and the prime minister of the state which came out of that horrible event