Yonkers candidate Gomez Goldberg calls for up-county sewage plant


Republican Carmen Gomez Goldberg, a candidate for the Westchester County Legislature’s 17th District in southwest Yonkers, objected to renewed proposals to pump sewage from New Castle to the county’s plant in Yonkers.

In a statement she issued today, Gomez Goldberg said that the county plant in Yonkers is already operating beyond its capacity.

“The neighborhoods surrounding the facility have endured the stench from this overused plant for months now. Piping in more raw sewage from the New Castle communities of Random Farms, Riverwoods, the Yeshiva, and the planned community of Chappaqua Crossing is not only a poor idea but an irresponsible one,” she said in her statement. “It is time to upgrade the Riverwoods Sewage Treatment plant to accommodate the sewage from those communities. Yonkers can no longer be the dumping ground for the rest of the county’s sewage.”

In other campaign developments, Gomez Goldberg announced on Thursday that she received an endorsement from the Asian American Republican Committee.

Goldberg is challenging Democrat Virginia Perez and incumbent Legislator Jose Alvarado, who lost the Democratic primary to Perez.


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  1. Will serve as a puppet for Astorino, vote Perez and she will represent your needs and the district better.

  2. Virginia Perez busted her behind out there all Summer meeting voters while this one Goldberg sat in cafes and Alvarado was knocking back Coronas with his boy Soto.

    Goldberg has the Asian Republicans the Bengali Republicans the Serbo Croatian Republicans – who cares?

    Perez waited two long years to get justice for the race she won in 2009. This seat is hers.

  3. Virginia Perez is strong — and honest and hard working. Southwest Yonkers needs a strong advocate. You don’t get that way hanging out in restaurants and bars and going to fundraisers and political events where you see the same faces.

    Door to door in the neighborhoods and on the streets is where it’s at.

    You can see for yourself that she’s just fine at http://www.VirginiaPerez.net or check her out in January in White Plains. She’ll be sitting in Jose Alvarado’s chair.

  4. With a busted butt, no doubt. Be careful of that chair. There’s a lot of farty and inane resonance still left in it.

  5. You must not know Virginia. Google all three candidates then come back and tell me what you think.

  6. This is for Butt. It takes an ass to know an ass! If you’re defending goldberg, you must be related to her, which is fine because that’s what family is for but don’t you dare try to bash and disrespect Perez while doing so. Perez was out there all summer long braving the heat wave and the hurricane talking to the voters in her district, while your mom or aunt or grandma or whatever the hell goldberg is to you was sitting on her fat ass at the Dolphin Restaurant eating away all the money she raised from the people in the district. You want to talk about a busted behind then look at Miss Piggy. Perez is not only smart and in this race for the right reasons, but she also looks like pro champion ship athlete. If she kicked Alvaro’s ass just imagine what she will do to fake want to be Jewish, want to be Spanish, want to be White, want to be Asian, want to be fat Goldblah.

  7. Very, very acerbic. She was out in the hurricane, braving the heat wave like a champion ship athlete? What’s a ship athlete? A weightlifter for UPS?

  8. Oh come on Mr. Ocks. I have to jump in here as much as I’m trying to avoid doing so. You’re reduced to mocking someone’s typing on a blog? That’s what people do when they’ve lost an argument. I guess you Googled Virginia Perez and realized your remarks about her appearance are, shall we say, misguided.

    No, it’s not steroids motivating Perez. She worked so hard in last Summer’s heatwave because representing Southwest Yonkers is her goal. It’s called motivation. Her brother was shot dead on those same streets -only in the dead of winter -working a second job- by some punk gang members who never held a job in their lives.

    So make snide comments about how hard the lady worked. Guess what – she won! The machine candidate lost touch with the district – simple as that- and your GOP candidate spent more money on high priced meals in restaurants and FIVE different cell phone bills than she did on postage to communicate with the voters.

    Perez wrote to every voter in her district who she met, by hand. She learned their names, their stories, their ideas. She visited here at the hospital many times. Don’t knock her effort or try to show your superior education by throwing around words like acerbic. You know it means sharp and forthright, right?

    Those are pretty fine qualities in a young woman, and Virginia Perez is looking sharp right about now.

    PS I think she probably does lift weights – and I don’t mean getting herself out of a chair. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask her yourself.

  9. Butt. You have nothing else to do at 3:32 am than to criticize the fact that I pressed the space key a little too soon? You don’t have a life do you? That must be really sad. Need a friend to talk to? Call you mom Goldblah and ask her to take you out to lunch, after all the meal is free. Courtesy of the hard working donors of South West Yonkers.

  10. Try to get your multiple personalities together for a few minutes to decide on one pen name and stick to it. You have too many googles and restaurants on the brain. Take a cerebral enema.

  11. No no no – I’m not “shut ur mouth” – he or she just thinks it’s silly for you to make remarks about Virginia Perez’ appearance as well.

    Too many restaurants? No, just one – The Dolphin in Yonkers. The GOP candidate spends a lot of her campaign money there. I don’t have it on the brain. I’ve never been there. It’s too expensive at my income. Of course I’m not spending campaign money.

    You spelled Google wrong by the way – and what is this obsession you have with a certain body part?

    Finally you have used more than one name here, haven’t you- all related to that body part -just because the first poster used a common expression to mean “worked very hard”.

    Your GOP candidate didn’t and doesn’t work very hard. She spends her money on restaurant “meetings” and cell phone bills. 5 different providers. What is that about?

    Virginia Perez worked very hard to win this race to represent Southwest Yonkers. You can’t refute that fact. All the insults don’t help you make your point. Perez will be the next county legislator for the 17th district.

  12. Sounds like you’re either hallucinating or dumpster diving. Great campaigning: “My opponent has five phones!” Sounds, too, a lot like the stultifying stuttering used by the last Einstein who held the seat.

  13. I don’t care if she has 25 phones as long as she pays for them. When she charges them – and over twenty expensive restaurant meals – to her campaign account – that’s not ethical. Clearly she’s not dumpster diving for her daily bread.

    As for stuttering ( that’s a low blow by the way ) and not being an Einstein, have you read anything the GOP candidate has written herself?

    She’s not much of an improvement over Alvarado.

    Perez is the best candidate for that seat.

  14. So far, she doesn’t like candidates having multiple personal cell phones, doesn’t like opponents eating in diners, opines that the other candidate “looks like Miss Piggy,” and has a “fat ass.” We may as well all be in Hoghollow, Mississippi instead of 30 minutes from Broadway. Can we find a candidate, please, who has even a bit of a clue on how to run a 2 billion dollar corporation?

  15. You write “So far, she doesn’t like candidates having multiple personal cell phones” – for which the GOP candidate is spending campaign funds not her personal funds.

    “doesn’t like opponents eating in diners” – The Dolphin not a diner – it is an expensive restaurant and again the GOP candidate is spending campaign funds.

    “opines that the other candidate “looks like Miss Piggy,” and has a “fat ass.” ”

    Perez never “opined” any of these things. Look at your own posts for that kind of thing.

    “We may as well all be in Hoghollow, Mississippi instead of 30 minutes from Broadway.”

    Your point is…?

    “Can we find a candidate, please, who has even a bit of a clue on how to run a 2 billion dollar corporation?”

    Your GOP candidate does? I thought her ex husband’s company filed for bankruptcy despite shady school bus contracts in the Bronx where Carmen Goldberg was registered to vote – among other improprieties.

  16. Hello again Butt. How have you been old friend? Miss me? I just read your recent posts and noticed that you think I’m Miss Perez. Well, I must say that I thank you for that compliment, because I am incredibly proud of that young woman but sadly I am not her, although I am glad be her neighbor. Yes, I live down the block from her house and I’ve seen how hard she worked to earn her victory and you are either too ignorant or too jealous to recognize that she is a positive influence and role model to the young people here in Yonkers. I was a skeptic too once, but became a believer and strong supporter when my two teenagers began spending more time with her and her campaign workers instead of the street and saw how they became involved and excited about our democratic process. It is because of her and her achievements that my kids believe that they too have a future here. Being a single mother I always fear for the safety of my kids and I will always be grateful to Virginia Perez for caring about what happens to them and the other kids in the neighborhood. My daughter talks about her with bright eyes all the time and is a relieve for me as a mother to see that she idolizes someone real instead of all the good for nothing celebrities and rappers she sees on TV. As far as I know, Perez has never said anything negative about your candidate Goldblah, I know she would never do that, but I can and I will, because we have never seen Miss Piggy walk through these rough neighborhoods and talk to the people with the respect and dignity that Miss Perez did. Alvarado was never around here either, which is why we got rid of him. I never cared about politics before and to tell you the truth I didn’t care to register to vote until Miss Perez knocked on our door and told us her story. I’ve seen how Virginia Perez sincerely cares for her community, I’ve seen her knocking on doors the day after Election Day just to say thank you to the voters while Alvarado was on vacation and Miss Piggy was out to lunch. I was incredibly happy to see her join me and the other members of Westhab along with people in the community to clean up Elm Street and other parts of Yonkers literally sweeping up and picking up the trash with her hands. I’ve never seen any politician do that in my 44 years of life and is why I defend her from ass wipes like you.

  17. I don’t particularly like any of the candidates for this seat. They’d all be better suited to be social workers, or sanitation workers, not legislators. You can pick up trash daily for the rest of your life – but, until you stop the trash tossers, no one gets anywhere. I especially love the Yonkers taxpayer- funded Westhab web site that lists “weatherization” as one of its goals. ?????

  18. Wow… this was the funniest string of posts. I don’t care who wins but I wonder why Perez’ campaign manager Charmian Neary doesn’t post under her full name and why Perez is out campaigning day and night instead of working. When door knocking we are hearing that she has told senior citizens that her house is in foreclosure, Alvarado looks like a monkey and that Carmen Goldberg is evil. I guess it really is time to move out of Yonkers. South Carolina here I come!

  19. Forgot to add that Virginia Perez booked Dolphin for her victory party on election night. Sounds like everyone loves Dolphin. Adios mio.

  20. From all reports above, a little expensive eh? I guess she beat Goldberg, or whatever her name is, to the punch. How much time does she need to cancel the reservation? 8PM for a 9PM convocation?