Stop fracking around, Ball says to Cuomo


State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, took his anti-fracking message to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s backyard today. Ball stopped in Mount Kisco to say Cuomo should tour Pennsylvania to see how hydrofracking has “ravaged” those communities. He called on the governor to take steps to protect New Yorkers from such dangers and tried to build support for his Property Owners Bill of Rights,  which would set new standards for hydrofracking — the controversial process of extracting natural gas from rock — in New York’s Southern Tier.

“Maybe Governor Cuomo is focused on being President Cuomo and feels compelled to befriend this powerful industry, but all I know is that I went to Pennsylvania and I truly believe if the governor did the same, he would put the brakes on his fracking express, taking time to get it right. Whether it be Dick Cheney’s ‘Halliburton Loophole’ or Governor Cuomo’s most recent expediting of a process for the convenience of billionaire gas execs, at the highest of levels this gas industry has undue influence. New York State should be leading the charge to regulate this industry, to protect private property owners, farmers, sportsman and our environment by learning from the devastation in other states. Instead the Governor is paving the way for fracking without installing necessary safeguards,” Ball said in a statement.


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  1. no fracking in ny on

    Confronting the governor is very brave on Sen. Greg Ball’s part. I am glad he is taking a stand against it. There is no reason to rush this through and risk damage to our environment and water supply. Let’s get all of the facts and extend the comment period. Hydro Fracking will not benefit New Yorkers. Only few will profit at the expense of many. It is just wrong the way it is being forced upon us.