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New York’s Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau announced today she’s leaving her job Dec. 1 to become coordinating judge of the state Medical Malpractice Program, which is a federal program that’s still part of the judiciary.

“Many months ago, I advised Chief Judge Lippman of my desire to pursue new challenges within the Judiciary. I told him then, however, that I would not leave until I had helped the court system get through this difficult fiscal year, and until we had received the recommendations of the Judicial Compensation Commission and developed our budget for the next fiscal year,” she said in a statement. “Now that those issues are, or soon will be, behind us, I think it is the right time for me to move forward.”

Pfau this year oversaw the biggest staff reduction at the courts’ system in decades. It laid off 367 workers last spring as the courts grappled with a $170 million reduction in its budget. Later, she angered unions when she recommended that judges get a pay raise of up to 62 percent after having their pay frozen since 1999.

A state panel in August recommended a 27 percent pay hike for state judges over the next three years, raising state Supreme Court judges’ pay to $160,000 in April 2012.

She was paid $157,600 last year.

Pfau was appointed by then-Chief Judge Judith Kaye in May 2007 and reappointed by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman in February 2009.

As coordinating judge of the state Medical Malpractice Program, Pfau will administer a federal grant from the Justice Department and oversee the expansion of the program within the court system. The program lets judges negotiate settlements in medical malpractice cases, according to a news release. She will still report to Lippman; her successor as chief administrative judge was not announced.


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