Statewide ad buy kicks off “Million Fracking Letters” campaign


About two dozen groups are pooling their resources to launch a statewide radio advertising campaign aimed at getting New Yorkers to write to Gov. Andrew Cuomo about their concerns over hydraulic fracturing and the natural-gas industry.

The groups are calling it the “A Million Fracking Letters” campaign, and regional radio spots will air in the Southern Tier, western New York, Albany, the Catskills and the New York City metro area over the next six weeks.

In particular, the groups are fighting back against a series of Exxon Mobil television ads that have aired nationally for the last several weeks (if not months), promoting the benefits of natural gas.

“The gas industry is using the media to tell consumers that fracking is a piece of cake – finally, the answer to all our energy needs,” campaign organizer Doug Wood said in a statement. “But drilling for miles underground, setting off explosives, injecting toxic chemicals and then sucking the hazardous radioactive contaminated waste back to the surface to get the gas is extremely risky business. People have a right to hear the other side of the story.”

Here’s one of the radio spots:

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  1. OMG fracking can also bring the dead back to life! Real live ZOMBIES!!!!!!
    I heard it on the Radio Saw it on TV ! So I checked who is paying the BILLS for this ad campaign!
    You will never guess………………Those guys from the Middle East! They are concerned that the USA might not need their OIL!

  2. I believe there are people hired by the gas industry that troll the Internet for the sole purpose of comments on legitimate news articles. Just another tactic.

    These people poison your water with their fracking fluids and take your land, for cheap, indefinitely through dubious mining deeds. I wouldn’t believe a word they say.