Video: Cuomo’s acceptance speech at Pride Agenda awards gala


Accepting an award in Manhattan last night from a major gay-rights group, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the successful push for same-sex marriage in New York “achieved historic social progress” that is “resonating on so many levels.”

At the Empire State Pride Agenda’s annual gala, Cuomo spoke about the national significance of the New York law, saying it was a “victory for society” and urging a repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Cuomo, who generally has concentrated his public comments on state issues and stayed out of most federal issues, aggressively called for federal anti-discrimination and anti-bullying laws for the LGBT community.

“This message is going to resonate all across this nation,” Cuomo said. “Part of it is the power of New York, because this is New York, and when New York does something everyone else watches and everyone else notices.”

Cuomo was introduced by New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and took the stage to gay-rights activist Lady Gaga’s “On the Edge of Glory.”

“On the topic of gay marriage, I just want you to remember there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is marriage. The bad news is there are no longer any excuses,” Cuomo joked. “You will now feel the pressure, and you will get the questions and the looks. They can do it with a look, and with one word they can do it: Sooooo?”

(A h/t to Capital Tonight for spotting the YouTube video.)

Here are the governor’s remarks:


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  1. The fact is that same-sex marriage is neither beneficial to the individuals who engage in it nor to the society that permits it. The reasons have to do with health and the origins of homosexuality. Concerning health, same-sex behavior involves human physiology that’s not designed for same-sex interaction. Consequently, they’re prone to bodily damage, which, in turn, is the most efficient means by which serious diseases, such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, STDS, microbes from the intestinal tract, are transmitted. Concerning origins, homosexuality (the urge for the behavior) results from a mix of genetic, biologic, and social/peer-related factors, each of which varies in significance among individuals but none of which (in and of themselves) guarantee same-sex attraction. Rather, they impart a greater tendency or predisposition towards developing the urge.

    Hence, a society that in any way encourages homosexuality through marriage, teaching, or other means, makes it more likely that people with this predisposition will develop same-sex attraction and engage in the behavior. It’s no different than taking someone with a familial history of alcoholism, who’s never had alcohol or been in a bar, and encouraging them to drink. The urge which had heretofore been dormant now becomes active.

    Hence, the government should not recognize same-sex marriage and encourage it with legal and financial incentives, like it does for real marriage – that between one man and one woman. Besides this post, other reasons for opposing same-sex marriage is in the essay at

    Here, in addition to a more detailed discussion concerning the risks and origins of same-sex behavior, you’ll find references from respected, mainstream, and objective sources (such as UCLA, USC, the University of London, the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association and none from anti-gay marriage groups), upon which this post and essay are based.

    I realize that proponents of same-sex marriage will probably disagree. However, if they do, then it’s their responsibility to provide a fact-based rebuttal (that includes all the facts – not just those supporting their view), using reputable, objective, and apolitical sources, as this essay does, proving what’s written here to be wrong. If they can’t or refuse to do so and offer an implausible excuse for their refusal, then it will prove that proponents of same-sex marriage have no logical or objective reasons (the only reasons for passing a law) for their cause, except a selfish desire that’s devoid of any care about the damage that would result.

    For those, who agree with what’s written herein, please help in sending this post and the essay link (in whatever form you like or rewrite it to your satisfaction) to as many as you know and ask that they do the same. Additionally, email it to your legislators and demand that they vote against any law permitting government recognition of same-sex marriage or put forth bills overturning it, if gay marriage exists in your state. In this way, we can bypass a very biased and dishonest media that’s only interested in broadcasting the propaganda generated by proponents of same-sex marriage and reach the public with the facts showing why same-sex behavior, whether it’s in a committed relationship or not, is an unhealthy behavior that shouldn’t be encouraged by the government through marriage.

  2. Why do middle class workers get no breaks and as a matter of fact if they work for governments they get threatened with layoff

    But millionaires and billionaires get a tax break coming in Jan 1 2012 in NY State.

    Is Cuomo a hypocrite to all working middle class taxpayers?

  3. Bore us (again) (and again) on

    Maybe because people who say (and print) the same self-serving, unimaginative thing over and over deserve the self-serving and unimaginative as adversaries.