Murtagh: Spano out of touch on school plan


YONKERS — City Councilman John Murtagh is throwing cold water on a school-construction plan announced today by state Assemblyman Mike Spano.

“His ignorance of how the city operates is just mind-blowing,” the Republican councilman said of Spano, his Democratic opponent in the Nov. 8 mayoral election.

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Spano announced an education capital plan outside School 22 this afternoon. It calls for building new schools in the fastest-growing neighborhoods and using the savings from reduced transportation costs to help fund the construction.

Murtagh called shortly after that announcement to say that Spano’s proposal “ignores” some key facts — including that the district must still transport many students to magnet schools and special-ed programs outside their neighborhoods; and that the district already has a three-phase construction plan in place.

“This is an election-day ploy,” Murtagh said. “If he wants to run the city of Yonkers, he ought to know something about the operations of the city.”

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  1. What’s mind blowing is where has Murtagh been for the past eight years? There has been ZERO progress in education reform, no new schools,  no forward movement in smart, new, economic development or job creation. He should really stop with all his lying – it makes him less attractive than he is already and that’s already pretty low!

  2. The ultimate mind blower is Spano and his brother have built a vast patronage empire based on nothing more than a pair of seats in the state legislature. I shudder to think what would happen if they got their tentacles around Yonkers’ $900 million budget.

  3. Chuck Wagon

    I suppose that it is Murtaghs fault alone the schools are where they are? Does the fact that the Council is controlled by the DEMOCRATS perhaps have something to do with it?

    Spano is obviously pandering here in the last week to his base on the west side. The numbers do not have to add up, it just has to sound good.

  4. So in essence, you’re saying that since Murtagh worked with a Democratic City Council that he was ineffective? Kind of an oxymoran then if he’s elected Mayor, no?