Top School Administrator’s Salary: $506,381


Gannett’s Albany Bureau has put together the latest list of school salaries for the 2010-11 school year, which ended June 30.

It showed that Westchester and Putnam counties ranked first and second in the state for the average full-time salaries for teachers and administrators last school year, while Otsego and Yates counties paid the least.

And the data, obtained through a Freedom of Information request to the Teachers’ Retirement System, showed wide disparities in teacher and administrators’ pay by regions of the state.

It ranges from the top salary of $506,381 that went to Syosset schools Superintendent Carole Hankin in Long Island to the $166,360 earned by Binghamton schools Superintendent Peggy Wozniak.

The average salary statewide was $57,971, which includes part-time workers and substitute teachers. The average salary was $72,422 for employees who earned more than $15,000 during the school year.

Here’s a database of all school salaries for the year.


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  1. Isn’t the top-paid, Carole Hankin, the wife of Westchester Community College head, Joseph Hankin?

  2. Truth in Government on

    Truly outrageous. She’s paid the equivalent of four Rear Admirals in the U.S. Navy! It’s public be damned.

  3. hankin gets free health insurance for life. She is already over 65 yrs old. Medicare is not good enough for the queen iof darkness.

  4. So you mean to tell us that municipal employees in school districts and governments are NOT raking in huge salaries and adding to the outrage as indicated in this list of millionaires who administer our schools?? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Cutting the administrator salaries in HALF will allow hiring or keeping approx 9 school aids in a district. Real workers who have a direct positive impact on our children.

    Why do the school boards give out these outrageous salaries and then turn around and support laying off lowly school aids who help teach our children to read, lunch room ladies who feed them, bus monitors who keep them safe, and janitors and maintenance people who keep the building clean and warm? Hypocrites !