New Rochelle firefighters’ union: campaigning claim “baseless”


The New Rochelle Uniformed Fire Fighters Association Local 273-IAFF’s executive board is firing back against an accusation by City Council candidate Roberto Lopez that a supporter saw firefighters campaigning in uniform for his opponent, Lou Trangucci. The union leadership’s statement says:

This weekend’s Nor’easter resulted in a nearly 500 percent increase in emergency calls to the New Rochelle Fire Department.  Considering that the city had only 27 fire fighters on-duty to respond during the weather emergency makes this allegation unlikely baseless.

The fire fighting unit being referred to, responded to an emergency at the assisted living apartment building and then was immediately dispatched to another emergency incident at another site.

City officials said Thursday they would look into the matter.

Editor’s note: The union initially called the allegation unlikely, then issued a revised statement about an hour later changing the wording to “baseless.”


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  1. Does Lopez have any ideas or is he just a whiner and complainer?

    Sure pick on firefighters who may be called to rescue your family one day Lopez. What a hypocrite !

  2. ….it may be a situation under the Law where a ‘reasonable doubt’ may exist!. A Survey of Rockland County type of Small Town America, under objective analysis may find that in the Year 2010 a lot transpired. There is a big confusion and pretend that the ‘ Fire Fighters’ are’Law Enforcement’!….This is not true. The Fire Houses have been misunderstood as a ground for ‘some individuals private clubs’ and the activities that may happen ( as in Rockland County) in some kind of crossed lines which bring a very bad name to The Real Firefighters who signed in for what they truely believe… But, the those who use the fire house for accquiring free meals or housing and the blue light on the dashboards that they use or misuse… And, particularly use the Uniform for personal gains is highly inappopriate. No one in their private cars are suppossed to block the passage, or guide trafic, irrespective of what is going on. But, Law cannot be surpassed because this is Small Town America.

    No one is above the law, but to abuse the Uniform as business is not very respectful and let it slide and not talk about the abuses or corruption is even worse! Isn’t it?

    The Limitations of Law are Prescribed not for bending them for dating,hookup, or developing accquaintanships and wash private cars at the Fir Houses!

    HABIBHASAN – An American Storyteller