Rift between Mike Spano, Conservative Party leaders continues


Hugh Fox, chairman of the Westchester County Conservative Party, issued a “Dear Fellow Conservatives” letter today denouncing Yonkers mayoral candidate Mike Spano, who to the chagrin of party leaders has the party’s ballot line in Tuesday’s election. Fox wrote that Spano does not share the party’s ideals and principles, and called even an attempt for Spano to gain the party’s line the “absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy and calculated political opportunism.” Here’s his letter for more:

November 4, 2011

Dear Fellow Conservatives,

The Westchester County Conservative Party and the Yonkers Conservative Party are committed to supporting candidates that share our conservative ideals and principles.  Yonkers Mayoral candidate Mike Spano does not and never has respected those principles.

In July of 2007 when Mike Spano cynically switched his party affiliation to Democrat he said, “This is where I belong. This is where I’m comfortable.”  If representing the hardcore-liberal Democrat and Working Families Parties is where he “feels comfortable” then there is no way that Mike Spano can, in good conscience, claim he represents the Conservative Party or real conservative voters.  Unfortunately, as the result of a well orchestrated effort by the Spano-family political machine and their operatives, Mike Spano’s name will appear on the Conservative ballot-line on Election Day, Tuesday November 8th.  This type of political deal making is exactly how Andy Spano ended up on the Conservative ballot line in 2009 when he lost to County Executive Rob Astorino.

Mike Spano’s record in both word and deed stand in direct conflict with the principles that true Conservatives embrace.  True Conservatives advocate for smaller, more efficient and more effective government at all levels.  Every year Mike Spano has been in office, he has voted to raise our taxes, and expand the role of government in our lives.  Spano regularly votes in favor of unfunded mandates from Albany that effectively kill jobs, handcuff small businesses and result in a ballooning tax bill for Yonkers residents.

True Conservatives believe in the sanctity of human life throughout existence.  Mike Spano believes that state government should use taxpayers’ dollars to fund abortions and he has confirmed that many times over with his votes.  He has also voted to fund human embryo and stem cell research.

Michael Spano personifies the big government, high taxes, pro-abortion, liberal agenda.  His voting record put simply is despicable.  For Spano to even attempt to gain access to the Conservative Party line was the absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy and calculated political opportunism.

If you care about principles over political tricks, If you care about the economic health of our city and its residents, If you believe that back-room deals and self-serving political families have no place in Yonkers government, then please join me on November 8th in voting for Mike Spano’s opponent.  It is time to stand up to the Spano political machine for the sake of the Conservative Party and for the sake of Yonkers.

Yours Truly,

Hugh Fox Jr.
Chairman, Westchester County Conservative Party


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  1. The straw that broke the camel’s back!!!! First chance I get, I’m changing my registration. After all these years, no more Conservative party. Can’t believe a Spano on the ticket.

  2. Peter from Crestwood on

    Mr. Fox,
    We’ve known about this for quite some time. You are the Chairman of the Westchester Conservative Party. Are you suggesting that you just heard about this? If not, what are you doing about this?

  3. How ironic, Fox was a major supporter of the Spano’s for years and now he is a puppet for Astorino. Fox sells out the Yonkers Fire Fighters Union and accepts a political appointment with Astorino paying over $100,000. while collecting his tax paid for pension. The Yonkers Fire Fighters Union and the Yonkers Conservative Party are firmly behind Mike Spano. Fox should go back into the hole he climbed out of!

  4. The Spano brothers were conservative Republicans who have no philosophical imperatives and, for purposes of gaining and maintaining power, disingenuously morphed into liberal Democrats. Any wonder a Conservative leader would abandon them? Anyone in Yonkers who calls him/herself a Conservative and backs a Spano is a vile hypocrite and is looking to them for nothing but money and patronage.

  5. One ownders why Hugh Fox is writing letters to Conservatives (plainly a purely political action) while sitting in his County Office Building office on the 5th floor
    and using a County of Westchester computer
    and using County of Westchester phones.

    And Astorino , who got a NY State Pension System waiver for Fox when he gave him a bogus County job, calls himself a tax cutter while allowing this cretin Fox to collect a County taxpayer-paid-for salary while most of Fox’s day is spent eating and chit chatting about politics.

    Any more eating by Fox and his buttons and waist band will actually tak eout someone’s eye as they go popping across the street !

  6. Foxy’s cry for help is heart wrenching. Rarely do we see a Westchester Party Chairman whine so openly. Whoever voted Hugh Fox for chairman should be ashamed for putting him through such pain. I admire that he is able to discard all pride and admit that the Spano Machine rolled straight over his chest. Dr Phil would be proud.

  7. crystal ball says... on

    The joke is on Astorino & Coltey. Hugh Fox is a Spano guy to the core. Foxy laughs and backslaps with the Mt Pleasant stooges because they hold the jobs these days. Fox is too stupid to write this letter, but smart enough to keep his no-show salary & Yonkers pension checks coming. You can count on him closing The Polish on Tuesday night. Just like old times…


    The facts are as follows: hugh fox could have endorsed john mutaugh..murtaugh has
    always been conservative and pro life..but fox got snookered by vinny restiano a former
    yonkers city council president who has a huge problem with gay marriage..so instead
    of endorsing the republican candidate and giving murtaugh at least some chance to
    win the general election, they instead gave their endorsement to richard martinelli
    who staked out an anti gay marriage position just in time for the primary…of course
    richard martinelli’s publication westchester magazine features articles on the gay lifestyle
    in westchester all the time without a second thought…martinelli was a weak candidate
    he had already lost an election to chuck lesnick for city council president about 6 years
    ago when martnelli was an incumbant…so martinelli took the conservative line and
    then in a write in lost it to mike spano…had hugh fox given the line to the true republican
    conservative candidate john murtaugh, spano could not have wrestled it away so easily
    so Fox out foxed himself and made sure that murtaugh could not win the mayoral election
    having only the republican line and having to go through a primary which drained
    any money he had…blame fox for the democrat winning in yonkers in a landslide and
    next time make sure that just because a republican supports gay marriage he can’t
    be intimidated by mike long hugh fox and the rest of the folks inthe conservative party
    who really don’t care about anything but social issues…the real question for Fox is
    how could you not forsee that your action would automatically elect someone who is
    pro choice

  9. Restiano didn’t have a problem with gay marriage; she lives an adulterous lifestyle and has for years, since she broke up a marriage with her loose morals. Her real problem is that Murtagh is on the verge of winning what she could never have. She’s jealous, period.

  10. This is ridiculous. One way to solve this problem is to change the law and force runoff’s for the top two candidates who do not get at least 50% plus 1% of the vote. It is plausible that Spano could win this with less the 50% of the vote if Calvi takes like 20% of the vote.


    nope the way to deal with this is to ban cross endorsements…minor parties can run
    whomever they want but they cannot extort from the major parties…money jobs
    and ideological positions..new york is one of only six states that permit cross endorsements
    and there is a reason..it empowers guys like hugh fox mike long and giulio cavalo in
    ways that are far more poisoness to the democratic process than you could ever imagind

  12. If you ask me, it sounds like sour grapes. Fox, Restiano & Co are upset that the Spano’s beat them and took the line right from under their nose. If I remember correctly (I’m sure South Yonkers remembers), didn’t Hugh Fox endorse Mike and Nick Spano every single time while he was Chairman? But, it goes to prove, he won’t bite the hand the feeds him (Astorino).

  13. PS: Does it really make a difference if any Mayoral candidate is pro life or anti marriage? It doesn’t because no Mayor has the ability to change these laws so please already. I wonder if Fox, Astorino, Murtagh, Restiano’s, etc. would still be the radical lunatics they are on these issues in the event that their kid (god forbid) was raped and got pregnant or, their kid is gay — they would definitely change their tune.

  14. First you say it makes no difference, then you immediately excoriate others for their supposed beliefs, directly contradicting yourself. Please do not apply to the Academy. We cannot help you.

  15. Let’s call it like it is, Hugh Fox is for sale to the highest bidder. You are correct Fox backed the Spano’s for years and he kissed their rear ends while doing it. He sold out the fire fighters union members he represented for a patronage job that allows his to keep his extensive pension and make almost $100,000. a year for being a Astorino flunky. Someone should really check and see what job he does if anything. Fox is a fraud and he will be exposed in a short time. The Fox may be in the hen house right now, but the hens are going to get him soon.

  16. Fox is the biggest whore out there, he will sell his former union members out, his former friends and anyone else that Astorino dictates to him. He is not the type of person we would call a stand up guy in my old neighborhood, Fox thinks he is sly as a Fox but he really is a wolf in a sheep outfit. Be careful for this sell out guy.

  17. He will sell his former union members out? The same people who complain about this guy making too much money want more and more taxpayer money themselves and presuppose that he should see to it that it is shelled it out to them in spades.