Analysis: Voters have a different message for Astorino


Wednesday’s headline in Westchester will doubtless key in on whether the Democrats retained their “super majority” in the Board of Legislators. What else would it be, given the endless attention County Executive Rob Astorino showered on the political math? The voters weren’t nearly as enthused.

Astorino, the first-term Republican, has been the front man in a high-profile campaign to set the bar extremely low for the GOP: they aimed to undo the Democrats’ veto-proof majority of 12-5, a task that obliged them to reclaim just one additional seat. But even that seemed a tall order.

Into Wednesday morning, the Democrats clung to the same 12-5 advantage. More counting could change the score, but prospects for any major upheaval seemed dim.

Therein lies a message for Astorino.

He stuck his neck out so far in these elections that the casual observer might have assumed his name was on the ballot. (The Wall Street Journal was so convinced, it penned an article that speculated on Astorino’s prospect for statewide office.)

Astorino gave Republicans a bogeyman to run against — the “overreaching” federal government and the affordable housing settlement reached two years ago.

He complained to the WSJ that the Democrats have stopped his agenda at every turn. “What we’ve tried to do since I got into office has been stymied every step of the way,” Astorino said.

He took all the credit — there has been plenty of it on Astorino’s watch, much of it the result of unheralded bipartisanship — and dished out all the blame, and the responsibility. “By picking up these seats, it will force them to come to the table and reach compromise on reining in spending and taxes,” Astorino said.

It looks, instead, like the voters don’t see the political math as relevant as the county executive. If their ballot-box decisions are any measure, they expect the Republican county executive and the Democrats to work toward compromise, whatever the political score, and without excuse.

Indeed, the county executive went out of his way to crystallize the choices for voters. The scapegoat was looking pretty good headed into Wednesday morning.


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  1. Astorino’s fate was sealed last night as a one termer. Couple the republicans picking up ZERO County Leg seats and losing the only Mayor’s race in the county with a shot (Yonkers) and you have a big failure on your hands Rob. You and your flunky Fox keep making promises you can’t, or won’t, keep. Jenkins is already licking his chops for a shot at you.

  2. Cancelled my sub on

    Herb Pinder’s liberal bias is, quite frankly, nauseating, which is why today I cancelled my subscription to the JN. Your rag doesn’t deserve my $240.00 annually. I gladly took advantage of the WSJ’s one-year print/online subscription which saved me $100.00.

  3. Astorino loses big time! Astorino’s all out attempt to get republicans elected in Westchester was a failure, Mike Spano winning Mayor of Yonkers places the power of the Yonkers vote back in democratic hands. Astorino hates the Spano’s and I am sure now that they have the power in Yonkers they will be pushing for Ken Jenkins to unseat Astorino next time around. These elections are a game changer for all, the biggest loser is Rob Astorino and the biggest winner is Ken Jenkins and the democrats in Westchester County. I believe the record will show that no county executive in Westchesetr ever won without winning Yonkers. Astorino has done nothing but try to rip Yonkers and its people apart, Astorino could never win Yonkers in an election again. He has fooled the people once. If I were Astorino I would start checking the help wanted ads.

  4. The Great Carnac on

    Note to “canceled”: So if you read something you disagree with, it’s “Liberal Bias” and you cancel your subscription. I read this blog and it’s filled daily with conservative after conservative who say the nastiest, meanest drivel insulting everyone they don’t like. But that’s OK. When Pinder doesn’t get on the Official ASTORINO for GOVERNOR Bandwagon, HE’S the problem???

    Here’s a real front-page story for ALL YOU CONSERVATIVES OUT THERE: NEWS NEWS NEWS

    The Westchester electorate is NOT AS CONSERVATIVE AS YOU ARE. From time to time, and place to place, we bounce Democrats from office – Andy Spano after 3 terms, Joan Walsh, and others. But we are moderates, not ultras. We want fiscally responsible govt, not ideologues who want to deconstruct govt per se.

    And for the record: I don’t want Ken Jenkins as County Exec either. Both he and Astorino aren’t worthy of support

  5. Rob's gotta go on

    The more I think about it the more I realize that this may just be round one of a long fight. The fight seems to be Astorino’s Right Wing conservative position against Jenkin’s moderate for the average person position. Regardless of the final results of the legislative races, Astorino has been exposed as a person who cannot garner the support of the average person in Westchester County. Astorino diminishing supporters cannot and will not help carry others to victory. In fact, Astorino may be a liability for anyone seeking to be elected to office. I think Astorino’s strong support for republican candidates have caused them to lose. Jenkin’s on the other hand appeared to do well with his candidates and he has shown himself to be a more effective leader. I look forward to the Jenkin’s vs. Astorino for County Executive race. The previous poster said it correctly, we in Westchester may remove a long sitting democrat office holder, but the residence of Westchester can see right through the Right Wing Conservative Astorino and he is exactly what we do not want. I would like to start the, “We the people support Jenkin’s for County Executive official campaign kickoff.”

  6. Coke and a smile on

    I understand everyone wants to be politically correct, but how come no one questioned Rob Astorino on his open support of Legislator Gordon Burrows who was recently arressted for possession of cocaine? Is this the new Westchester Rob Astorino was talking about. How did the County Executive get a pass on this endorsment by the press? Was it a coke and a smile?

  7. LOL Dan, the Democrat “super majority” appears to have gone POOF – what was that different message again?