Lowey condemns treatment of Bachmann


Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey issued a statement this afternoon condemning late night comedian Jimmy Fallon for introducing Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann on his show by playing the song “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as the walk-on music.

Lowey described the music as “insulting and inappropriate.”

“I do not share Michele Bachmann’s politics, but she deserves to be treated with respect.,” Lowey said. “No female politician – and no woman – should be subjected to sexist and offensive innuendo like she was last night. The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, and NBC should apologize.”


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  1. So NOW Nita sticks up for women?? Where were you when Bradley was abusing his wife? You were silent…………………………..and that makes you a HYPOCRITE!

    Another Congressperson who should be replaced!

  2. Lowey Disliker on

    Be logical. Bradley was ACCUSED of abusing his wife. Until that was proven and a jury spoke, it was incumbent upon her (and everyone else) to remain silent. When you precipitously jump on someone for doing the correct thing in order to advance your personal political agenda, it becomes obvious that you’re being unfair and you do your cause no valuable service. That said, she should be replaced for dozens of other good reasons.

  3. ok. so where was Nita AFTER Bradley was convicted of contempt of court?? STILL Silent……………………….Where was Amy Paulin? Another one who is Bradley’s buddy.

    They were quiet as a churchmouse. No courage there…………

  4. Lowey Disliker on

    Same with Charlie Rangel who got a wrist-slap instead of a beheading from the Democrats after his outrageous and proven misconduct. A few months later, they’re all attending his birthday party soiree, and a few months after that, they’re toasting him at a fundraiser so he can continue his arrogant illegalities.

  5. One Democrat to another, Ms. Lowey — I take issue with your general remark that Ms. Bachmann deserves respect, and also with your protest of the specific song Mr. Fallon used to “insult” Ms. Bachmann through “sexism” in several ways.

    1) Mr. Fallon is a comedian, and comedians commonly push the bounds of what is socially acceptable. Comedians commonly work satirically racist, bigoted, and sexist bits into their performances to highlight certain behaviors in society. To judge his art as if it were anything else than art is a mistake in categories you’d be wise not to pursue.

    2) The song you question is an expression of a man’s anger at a woman who betrayed him in ways only a woman can do; this satirizes Ms. Bachmann’s betrayal of every civil right US Americans have fought for since at least the civil war as only a member of Congress can do.

    Ms. Bachmann has lost any entitlement to respect by being contemptuous enough of the USA to have abused the power of her office by failing to maintain a necessary and correct knowledge of the basic history of the country. Instead, She has perverted that history on a regular basis for personal political gain. That alone should be an impeachable offense, but I suppose those who contributed to the drawing of the constitution figured that no voter would be dumb enough to vote such a historically- and culturally-illiterate person into office.

    Aside from that, Bachmann, in her own words, wants homosexuality criminalized, & is therefore a gay-basher; wants the minimum wage eliminated, & is therefore a classist; would eliminate the separation of church & state to make Fundamentalist Christianity the national religion, and so is a bigot; has said falsely that the ACA will provide Death Panels to judge who lives & dies, and is therefore a liar; commonly uses the language of racism to describe the President & His Administration as “Gangsta Government,” and is therefore a racist; seeks a review of the “Americanism” of all members of congress in terms of sufficiency, and therefore betrays free speech and opinion; and worst of all, claims Global Warming to be a hoax and has therefore committed crimes against humanity.

    To summarize: for a woman who took an oath to uphold the Constitution, she’s managed to instead mangle it. She speaks as if the 1st Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and the General Welfare clauses of the document do not exist. Therefore, no respect.

  6. Good Advice, No Charge on

    Foolish, foolish man you are. Enter toilet area. Stick head into bowl. Flush. Repeat.