Astorino wants concessions, blasts unions on Fox


In a recent appearance on Fox Business, County Executive Rob Astorino again touted his “Jobs for Savings” program and said 210 layoffs could be avoided if workers came to the bargaining table and offered concessions, notably kicking-in for health care.

The Republican recently proposed a $1.69 billion budget that included layoffs, job eliminations and program cuts. Learn more about his budget proposal here.

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  1. Yes you can. You can trust him to do exactly what he says he will do. If he were untrustworthy, he would tell you he would lower taxes wile actually raising them, like the Democrats.

  2. Astorino always goes to Fox News where he always will find a willing right wing and biased host to play straight man to his prepared speeches and appearance.

    Anyone who continullay says “this is not against unions” cant be trusted and the same applies to Fox News who continually sends “fair and balanced” into their conversation while being as right wing and biased as possible.