Pataki: Hydrofracking “the right thing to do”


Former Gov. George Pataki says he’s strongly in favor of extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, saying the potential for thousands of jobs and domestic energy can’t be ignored.

In an op-ed in today’s Daily News, the Garrison, Putnam County, resident said hydrofracking for natural gas carries “legitimate environmental and safety concerns,” but he’s confident a strong regulatory approach can keep the impacts in check.

“Minimizing impacts to local communities and the proper handling of wastewater from the process are two of the issues that must be addressed,” Pataki wrote. “Through the deployment of advanced technology and appropriate regulatory oversight by the state, I’m confident these and other environmental challenges can be met.”

Pataki — who, according to the op-ed’s tagline, has “advised firms with natural gas interests” — said the state has to come to a decision on the controversial technique or risk having the gas industry pass New York by. “(N)o decision is a decision,” he wrote.

“We must avoid being swayed by opinionated voices that seek to politicize this issue,” Pataki wrote. “By applying rigorous analysis and sound science, we can protect our state’s environment — and develop a better future for all New Yorkers.”


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  1. Perhaps! Mr.Former Govornor is humbly unaware of the ‘Facts’ what transpired when a Few Thousands in The State of New York were with reasonable doubts given out Leases for drilling by the Drilling Company that may have conduced Frauding them! Many People that signed these Leases for letting the Drilling Companies to use of there Property are ‘probably taken as a fool’! – There may be not an exact similarity as the mortgages but a lot in parellels exists!….I am also in Support of Drilling; but for Uplifting Our Repubic’s Self- Sufficency, and not for making the American People fool and the Corporations become rich, and such endorsements from the Personalities like OF Mr.G.Pataki’s statures…..

  2. Another lost politician, clueless, you need to really study wind and solar, that’s the future!