Foe(s) knocks Hayworth for rejecting payroll tax cut extension– with add.


Richard Becker, a Cortlandt Democratic Town Board member who wants to unseat Rep. Nan Hayworth, R- Mount Kisco, next year faulted the congresswoman today for being among those who rejected a bill extending the payroll tax cut beyond Dec. 31. The measure recently passed the Senate.

“Today my opponent, Congresswoman Hayworth, voted in lock step with the Tea Party once again by voting to kill a bipartisan agreement to extend the payroll tax cut for the middle class and unemployment insurance – a bill that was overwhelmingly passed in the Senate by an 89 to 10 vote,” Becker said in an email.

The 229-193 vote in the House also called for setting up a negotiating committee so the House and Senate can develop mutually acceptable legislation. The Senate version called for a two-month extension, which many House Republicans said was an inadequate step. If an extension isn’t approved by the end of the year, the average worker is expected to pay about $1,000 more in taxes in 2012.

Matt Alexander, the mayor of Wappingers Falls and another Democrat vying to challenge Hayworth, this afternoon also criticized Hayworth’s vote. He pointed to a statement he made yesterday.

“ . . . The fact is Congresswoman Hayworth and her Tea Party caucus had an entire year to propose a solution, yet failed to do that. Instead, Nan blocked and opposed every single proposal to extend the payroll tax cut. Well, time’s up. You don’t get elected to lead Congress only to put the country in reverse.”


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  1. just the facts on

    Nan Hayworth is on the wrong side of this issue..even the wall street journal today
    critisized the republican house position…unfortunately the tea party caucus in the house
    believes that anything that benefits the nation also benefits the president and helps
    with his re election prospects so they are against it..what they don”t seem to understand
    is that the nation is watching and the nation is demanding that the congress stop bickering
    and get something done…now because of the House position which is only due to the
    pressure from the 2010 freshman who believe they are representing the tea party interests
    there will be a tax increase in january..not great strategy…even mitch mcconnel went along
    with the two month continuation..but it is very disappointing that dr hayworth did not
    distinguish herself by showing she understood that any tax increase in this economy won’t

  2. Obama is rising? He’s been thoroughly discredited and will soon be headed back to left wing egghead “academia,” where he always belonged.

  3. just the facts on

    you don’t get the dynamic…and that’s the problem with republicans…rather than
    seeking the one person that can defeat obama they are searcing for the “ideological
    pure” candidate..they have flirted with bachmann, perry,paul, palin, gingrich, et al..
    romney if he gets the nomination will be booed at the convention…obama will not
    have a republican opponent with the gravitas necessary to convince the american
    voting public that they should replace him..obama will be re elected..florida will
    be the litmus test and he will beat all comers in that contest

  4. I don’t get the dynamic? If the Dems had the gonads, they’d prefer to primary Hillary against the sitting Pres. (who’d swamp Obama, by the way among Democrats.) Obama is toast one way or the other. Dynamic that!

  5. just the facts on

    you certainly don’t get the are one of the wishful thinkers who believe
    that ousting a sitting incumbant president if its in your mind will happen…but the
    fact of the matter is that Obama is climbing in the polls and every time republicans remind voters that they won’t compromise on ANYTHING..they turn off those voters who will
    determine the next far the wall street journal , john mccain mitch mcconnel
    and lots of others have said that the house tea party caucus is making the wrong moves
    and just because you think that Obama is toast has absolutely nothing to do with the
    political reality…suggest you stop listening to rush and sean and use your own brain