Hayworth, Reed help spin House GOP position on tax cut extension


Two freshman Republican House members from New York were in spin mode Wednesday, staying in Washington for a media blitz to urge further negotiations for a one-year extension of a payroll tax cut.
Reps. Tom Reed of Corning and Nan Hayworth of Bedford spent the day shuttling between television cameras and their congressional offices.
Their message to the public: Pressure the Senate and House to negotiate a one-year deal instead of accepting the Senate’s two-month extension of the payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits and Medicare reimbursement rates.
“This is the time-honored process that the founders provided wisely for,’’ Hayworth said in an interview shortly after appearing on CNN. “We are hoping for January 1 to dawn with the American people receiving the longest-term relief we can provide them.’’
Reed, who appeared on two cable news programs Tuesday night, also made the media rounds Wednesday, doing interviews with Bloomberg, Politico, the National Journal and Roll Call.
“Messaging has been part of the operation, obviously, but we are also digging into these issues,’’ Reed said during an interview in his office. “I truly believe, if the Senate came to the table we could work this out.’’
Democrats say House Republicans should accept the Senate deal, and they noted that that several GOP senators agree.
In a phone call Wednesday, President Barack Obama urged House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, to allow a House vote on the Senate’s two-month deal while reiterating the need to ultimately agree on a one-year extension.
The two-month extension approved by the Senate in an 89-10 vote Saturday was negotiated by Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada.
New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer appeared Wednesday on MSNBC and Fox News, accusing House Republicans of using their proposed negotiations to shelve the payroll tax cut extension.
Reed and Hayworth said they will stay in Washington as long as necessary because House GOP leaders have appointed them to a possible House-Senate conference committee on the tax cut extension.
Meanwhile, other New York Republicans have taken differing positions.
Freshman Republican Rep. Chris Gibson of Kinderhook voted Tuesday against the House GOP proposal to seek negotiations with the Senate.
And freshman Rep. Richard Hanna of Oneida County issued a statement Wednesday saying he would have voted in favor of the Senate plan.
“While a year-long extension is preferable to a two-month extension, I certainly would have voted for the Senate-passed bill if given the opportunity,’’ Hanna said. “Because the Senate bill was not brought to the House floor for a direct vote, I voted to … move to a House-Senate conference to resolve differences between the chambers.’’
Hanna said the Senate and House should get back to working on a deal.
“I stand ready to finish this work,’’ he said. “Letting the payroll tax cut or unemployment insurance expire next year is unacceptable.’’


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  1. Spend, spend, spend. That’s all they know in Demmyland, and all they e’er will know. Greece, Jr.

  2. These two hacks have one year left on the public dime. They are history next year and so is their dear leader.

  3. the consultant on

    the wall street journal, john McCain and others have said that nan hayworth and
    her tea party collegues are wrong..the house should have gone along with the senate bill
    or they should have inserted the words “one year” in the bill and sent it back to the senate
    in which case there would have automatically been a conference..Now what the house
    has done in order to play its game of chicken is to insure that the payroll tax cut extension
    does not go into effect costing the average household about 1000..there is no spin on
    this maneuver because the explanation is plain and simple…John Boehner the house leader
    wanted to agree but the tea party wing of the caucus said no because they want to
    undermine any chance that Obama has in getting re elected ..but the net effect of their
    short sighted strategy is that Obama’s numbers are going up…I suggest that the house
    freshman learn what the function of the government is…to do the people’s business and
    that means and has always meant compromise apparently a dirty word to the tea party
    I am surprised that congresswoman hayworth would be so out front on this issue in a
    district that has demonstrated it can elect a democrat

  4. just the facts on

    now even mitch mcconnell the republican leader in the senate has called for the house
    to pass the senate two month extension bill…that’s a real game changer…house
    republicans need to return to dc and pass the bill..if they do not and this includes
    nan hayworth they may very well lose the seats they gained in 2010

  5. Just another political payoff to further solace and assuage a profligate, spendthrift, bankrupt nation of losers. They no longer even bother to collect taxes to pay for for the outrageous government spending, in fact, they lower them and spend even more. Nero fiddles, Rome burns.

  6. just the facts on

    This thread is too important to die..nan hayworth should have recognized that the
    tea party caucus took the wrong position on the payroll tax issue..the fact that she
    didn’t means either that she was offered something by eric cantor in terms of committee
    assignements or that she is not saavy enough to get where the american people and
    the people in her district want the congress to go…and that means she is at risk
    in 2012 from whatever democrat seeks that seat

  7. Handouts! Social Security is going bankrupt, so the Dem’s solution is to lower the contributions. Makes sense to me. Not.

  8. just the facts on

    you don’t raise a tax that has been lowered in the middle of a recession or economic
    downturn while you are trying to get the economy growing again…social security is not
    in jeopardy until about 2030…and there will be a global solution before then which
    will have to include entitlement reform including !. raising the retirement age slowly
    2. means testing social security for upper income recipients 3. raising the age at which
    you can first take social security from 62 to 64 4.raising the amount of income which is
    subject to fica from the present 90,000 to 250,000 or so…but in the meantime you do
    not make it tougher for those on the balls of their backsides to pay their bills

  9. Presto! You just turned a temporary tax cut into another in a long list of 250 million dollar “entitlements.” Means testing? Since the banks are paying less than 1% for deposits as per government manipulation, retired people who have paid into this sinkhole all their lives and are threatened with loss of benefits that they PAID for will again start putting their money under the mattress or secrete it elsewhere. Welcome to back to the future. Dems forced the banks to loan money to knows deadbeats, forcing them to pawn the garbage off on the unwary, causing the housing debacle. Your facile solutions are worth their weight in cow dumpings!

  10. Voice of reason on

    Nan is a fool. Being the front person for opposition to extension of a middle class tax break at Christmas time in the middle of a recession is extremely cruel and totally insensitive. The bottom line is this Nan and her caucus will go to the wall to protect the 1% buy when it is the middle class they are willing to play chicken chicken. Her reasoning that she opposes a short term extension because she wants a longer fix is betrayed by the poison pills in the house bill. What these radicals assumed is that once again thet could hold the middle class hostage and have Obama flinch and go along with their radical proposals rather than allow average Americans suffer. Well Obama called their bluff and they got exposed as the scrooges they. And then they caved not cause they care about the middle class but because the realized that it was stupid politically. Shameful

  11. just the facts on

    the above poster is exactly correct…it was an amateurish political mistake….one which
    will haunt her until november…her congressional district is a swing district not a safe seat
    and she is not from the midwest so her constituents are not right wing ideologues…
    if the democrats nominate a credible canddidate she is going to have a problem because
    what she should be doing is speaking about working across the aisle not parroting
    eric cantor’s tea party views if she really wants to distinguish herself