Dems override Astorino’s vetoes


The Board of Legislators today overrode dozens of County Executive Rob Astorino’s vetoes ranging from monies for children’s programs and day care fees to millions for health centers and nature centers.

 In all, there were 40 overrides, mostly along party lines.

“The budget is done,” said Chairman Ken Jenkins, D-Yonkers. “The problem is not with the legislature. The majority of things we do, we do unanimously.”

Of the roughly 15,000 budget lines, Jenkins said most were supported by both the board and executive branch and that they only disagreed on 27 budget lines, and a handful of other administrative changes to the budget process.

Only one item, a law that would have given the board more authority in appointments to commissions, was not overridden; the vote failed by a 9-8 count.

After the county board approved a $1.69 billion budget earlier this month, Astorino rejected $10 million in spending including $1.9 million for neighborhood health centers, $990,000 for Cornell Cooperative Extension, $378,00 for Invest-in-Kids programs, $4.3 million in day care subsidies and restoration of the Route 76 bus line between Rye and White Plains.

All of those were overridden with Republicans and Democrats agreeing on several items, notably money for Cornell Cooperative Extension; $49,000 for Greenburgh Nature Center; $59,790 for business training; $42,500 for the Jewish Council and four positions with the Board of Elections.


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  1. When will people understand that the current County Executive does not care for poor people, does not like people who are not like him and his kind, and only cares for millionaires and CEOs?

    We now have in Westchester some sort of elitist snob who publicly recites progressive terms such as “maintaining the social safety net” but to his own supporters is quick to use terms such as “the other side” or “their side” when deriding those who believe in social programs to help the poor and people who need services.

  2. The County Exec was elected because the people were fed up. The County Board elected two more Republicans and narrowed the majority because they were fed up. What part of “fed up” and the voice of the people eludes your understanding? The numbers are on the page. Your days of taxing the homeowner to death are rapidly receding. Read it and weep.

  3. What the above poster named Get Real is really saying: We have intergenerational welfare families, and I could care less if these families have another 10 generations of kids on welfare. It’s easier just to give them more welfare, food stamps, Section 8, daycare, etc., than to do the hard work, which is trying to get them off welfare and make them productive members of society.

    It always amazes me how The Left, which gave us the “Great Society” in the 1960’s, blames conservatives like Astorino for the problem, when it is they who caused the problem.

  4. In addition, in the interest of gaining feel-good votes from the ignorant, they tell us that Social Security is rapidly going bankrupt, then they promote and pass a bill to lower Social Security taxes, not only putting off the inevitable, but adding another 250 billion to the problem.

  5. To the contrary. The programs that were started by Republicans (remember when they were in control of the County – better question, when the Republicans we not in control of the County Board – correct answer – never).

    The programs actually KEEP people off welfare, got people to work, created small businesses etc.

    It is just a crock to suggest that it is easier to give people money not to work. A healthy Westchester means a working Westchester. Government is actually the main part of that. People working for government jobs or union jobs helped create the middle class.

    Do not be fooled. Two Republican majority districts elected Republicans – why is that a surprise. What people are fed up with is people like Astorino who make decisions on a calculator without any thought of the real impact to taxpayers.

    The Democrats on the County Board did not increase taxes, did not use “fund-balance” – whatever the heck that is and did it while protecting a lot of programs that the majority of people in Westchester seem to like. Sounds like they did a good job, heck, Astorino even said so.

  6. They projected theoretical income from their wildest imaginations in order to keep spending, spending. Furthermore, Astorino was elected for good reason and should have shocked you into reevaluating your smug, nose-in-the-air ex-cathedra ramblings.

  7. What a minute…before a handful of conservatives act as if they’re the majority. A few electoral facts:

    1) Rob Astorino won one countywide election: in 2009. The Democrats won the other two seats that year – County Clerk and D.A. That election was not a sweeping endorsement of Astorino’s philosophy – it was simply, SPANO Fatigue. Too many years of Andy in office.

    2) This year, the Democrats elected 10 members vs. 7 Republicans, and still represent the MAJORITY of the voters of this county. The Republicans made GAINS…but they did not win overall. A majority of voters have been electing more Democrats to the Board since 1997 – 14 years where voters have picked Ds over Rs.

    3) In 2010, every Dem incumbent for the State Legislature – 6 Assembly, 3 Senators – won. One – Suzi Oppenheimer had a close race; the rest were big Dem victories. 2010 was supposed to be the year of TeaParty reaction – voter discontent – throw the liberal bums out. Yes, it was that – in Tennessee, in Upstate New York, perhaps, but not here.

    4) Don’t re-write history. Andy Spano cut taxes three years in a row – 1999, 2000 and 2001 FY. Astorino has done it once (2011) and has one “zero” budget. Look it up. CHARGE IT – it’s your nose that’s up in the air, unduly excited over one Astorino victory, assuming it means most Westchesterites agree with your idiotology. They don’t.

    5) Note to Conservatives: what is driving the County budget taxes is not County spending – it is State mandated spending. Astorino is trying to make a name for himself — run statewide, get on Hannity and O’Reilly, raise big money. B U T:

    If you pay $20K in property taxes/year, you pay about $4K to Westchester. If Astorino got a 1% tax cut for you, each year you’d save about $40. A 10% tax cut – which he’s no where near – gets you a $400. savings. You probably just got that from Cuomo’s State Income Tax Cut.

    This whole battle is not about the budget or saving money.
    It is about power and ideology.
    It is about changing America to reflect Conservative ideologies.
    It is not about “The Left” fighting that — it is about the Moderates reacting to a movement that will wreck our country in order to impose the Far Right’s vision, heard every day, 24/7 on at least two talk radio stations in every market.

    That is what needs to be overridden.

  8. Yes, Reality Check, we intend to beat Democrats everywhere, all the time.
    We intend to take the White House, AND the Senate, AND the House.
    We intend to take the Board of Legislators to support Astorino.
    We intend to keep the State Senate, and strike fear into Assembly members where we can.
    We intend to win every town, village, city we can.
    We are not now, nor ever, going to compromise with you.
    We are right, and you are wrong. Why should I compromise with what is wrong?
    You want to give away hard-earned money to lazy people who don’t understand America.
    You want to allow women to abort babies, instead of using restraint and common sense in sex.
    You want to stifle business growth with envioronmental nonsense.
    You want to strengthen union workers who want to tell management what to do.
    Management is in charge; they are smart and tough enough to run the business, not you.
    We want to get tough on crime, not guns. Break the law, go to jail. Simple.
    We want to let people live thier lives without govt telling them what to smoke, what they can and can’t do.

    Grow up. We’re at war in our culture. You want it to be 1933 or 1968.
    This country became great from 1865 to 1905 – tough-minded capitalism. We can do it again.
    We can do it ourselves…without you whining liberal Democrats.

  9. GOPerr, you did us all a favor. You laid your right-wing ideology out there without any effort to hide what’s behind them.

    Everybody who is not a right-winger should study your comments. You cannot expect people who are at Cultural War to compromise. You either capitulate, or you fight them.

  10. State mandates? Which Party do you think promotes and expands them? Good luck with the fight. Bring your lunch. Use food stamps, we’ll buy.