Hayworth explains why House GOP accepted a 2-month deal


Here’s the press release:

U.S. Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, M.D. (NY-19) released the following statement after the House passed a 60-day extension of the payroll tax reduction, unemployment benefits, and Medicare physician reimbursement rates after the Democrat-led Senate agreed to appoint conferees and begin working with House Republican negotiators on a long-term solution:

“Today Congress passed a short-term extension of the payroll tax holiday, federal contribution to unemployment benefits, and current Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors. I have always supported these programs, and in recent days I’ve been privileged to be a highly visible advocate for providing the greatest possible certainty to hardworking taxpayers, job-creating employers, the growing ranks of unemployed Americans, and our seniors and doctors who rely on Medicare. On December 13 I voted with a majority of House Republicans, and many Democratic colleagues, for significantly lengthier continuation of these crucial initiatives. The Senate voted differently, and now it’s time to work towards consensus.
“As part of today’s legislation, the House of Representatives and the Senate have convened a conference committee to devise longer-term extensions for the payroll tax holiday, federal unemployment contributions, and Medicare reimbursements. I have been honored to be one of eight House Republicans selected for the committee, and l look forward to working closely with my colleagues in both parties and both chambers of Congress to do our best for all the people we serve.”



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  1. just the facts on

    nan hayworth has not been working for anything but her own press..she was totally
    out of step with the people of her district in following the tea party wing of the republican
    caucus which almost cost the american taxpayers 1000..those who need it badly the
    middle class americans who are having a hard time making ends meet..by following the
    party line she has proven herself tone deaf to the needs of everyday americans…as
    a doctor she clearly doesn’t have a clue as to what is needed during this crisis and by
    risking the payroll tax extension as well as the extension of unemployement benefits
    she was playing russian roulette with the lives of 160 million people at christmas time
    shame on her..she deserves to be defeated in2012..we need a republican voice who
    knows how to compromise when the stakes are so high

  2. do your job already on

    If Ball “just the facts” spent a tenth of the time he spends on POH doing his job, he’d be great.

  3. Right. He can’t disguise his loopy logic and oddball fluctuation of opinion which seems to depend upon who is, who might be, and who is not employing him. I think he’s basically honest, but his honesty has wild and erratic swings.

  4. just the facts on

    good guesses guys..but wrong again…why don’t you deal with the topic..hayworth made
    a big mistake…the republican leadership made a big mistake..the tea party is no longer
    in fashion and the chances are becomming better and better every day that the democrats
    will take back the congress…because independent voters of which I am one the fastest
    growing party in the country eg no party at all will not countinence the failure to cooperate
    by the republican caucus in the house to get the peoples business done..period

  5. They’re ALL BS artists, on both sides of the aisle, but too many Dems are dead set on pacifying illegals; turning the USA into an impotent, socialist France; coddling criminals; insisting on no death penalty for even the most evil of recidivist mass murderers; promoting more and more perverse sexual practices; diluting our military; forcing the construction of low life housing into previously nice, high-taxed neighborhoods; dumping more and more hundreds of billions of our taxes into an unworkable and failing school system; printing and spending trillions of dollars and blowing them all over the world with a giant leaf blower which will eventually bring us rampant inflation; neglecting those who pay for it all while rewarding slackers and malcontents; and on and on. You misread the independent voter who will rise up and demand a return to sanity.

  6. you are revealing yourself to be a rigid ideologue who is blaming the democrats for all
    of life’s problems…but rmember one thing that everyone is coming to realize…george
    w bush went to war in Iraq….for no reason and failed to pay for it…Bush also went
    to war in afganistan..he had a reason..but still failed to pay for it…He passed a medicare
    prescription drug bill and failed to pay for it…and the failure to regulate the financial industry
    also on his watch resulted in the need to spend 800 billion in TARP funds to bail out
    the biggest wall street investment banks..that money by the way was also spent on bush’s
    watch..so while bush came into office with a surplus he left the next administration in
    the biggest meltdown since the great depression and with two wars that cost billions
    a month…so while you spue forth your nonsense about democrats coddling criminals
    and promoting perverse sexual practices (whatever they are) the non party registered
    voters of this nation are not buying the ideological nonsense you are peddling..they
    want to know why the congress can’t agree on lunch…and why the tea party wants
    which is supposed to be a conservative group wants to get their hands out of your
    pockets but keep those same hands in your bedroom…and one last observation about
    pacifying illegals…no one in their right mind is going to deport 11 million people…and
    if they even remotely suggest that they automatically lose

  7. Forget Bush. Like Obama, a bumbler who meant well. The great middle, which you ingenuously claim to be a part of will respond at the polls exactly as I have delineated. You are on the field for the big game, but you wear a Whiffenpoof sweater, not a halfback’s. Stop at the Temple Bar and have some white wine and a bowl of caviar.

  8. just the facts on

    hey charge it spelling was never my strong suit..but political strategy always was…
    merry christmas…pass the caviar please..with the pumpernickle bread, and egg and onion
    topings if you don’t mind..I will skip the white wine and stick with the grey goose

  9. “good guesses, guys, but wrong again?” See what I mean? Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, and joy for the future. Some things we can agree upon!