Lawmakers want felony charge for owners of dangerous dogs


Capital Region lawmakers have introduced legislation that would authorize police to charge an irresponsible dog owner  with a felony if their dog seriously injures someone. The penalty would be up to two years in prison and a fine of as much as $5,000. Judges would have discretion to impose the harshest sentences for the most serious cases, according to the sponsors, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, R-Schenectady, and Sen. Hugh Farley, R-Niskayuna.

The legislation would allow search and seizure of illegal materials. It would enable further investigation if an owner of a dangerous dog had been convicted previously of a violent crime. Gangs and drug dealers often use dangerous dogs as weapons or status symbols or for animal fighting.

There have been several recent cases of attacks by dangerous dogs, including in Schenectady, Rochester, New York City and Long Island. In Schenectady, 59-year-old Shirleen Lucas was attacked and disfigured by three pitbulls while walking home. The dog owner was offered a sentence of 30 days in jail, even though she had been cited twice before for having dangerous and unlicensed dogs, according to the lawmakers.

In Rochester, a pitbull attacked six people as the owner slept in a lot near the House of Mercy in October, according to WHAM.

“The Dangerous Dog Owner Deterrent Act targets criminally irresponsible dog owners who raise their dogs to be vicious weapons and is not limited to any one breed of dog because any dog can have a bad day,” Tedisco said in a statement.  “Owning a companion animal is not a right but a privilege and it’s up to dog owners to be responsible for their pets. Dogs should be raised as companion pets, not trained to be killers.”

Tedisco successfully sponsored Buster’s Law, which created the felony of aggravated cruelty to animals.


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  1. Can you imagine what the Law Makers (of The State of New York) want? This Blog mentions “some sort of Felony Charges’ against the ‘Owners of Dangerous Dogs!…’ Well! I really find it very funny how these ‘Privilaged Individuals on Oath of Public Offices of Trust’ according to The Law are suppossed to Representing We The People! Here, I find it very amusing that during the Year 2011 a Number of “NY Law Makers” have been found to have committed Falony after Falony and are still at large!

    My concern is Are these Law Makers Competent to Ask For Falony Law for Anyone in The State of NY. Logically Speaking! Who these Law Makers Need is to (with due respect) impose and implement on their Parners in Crime/Fellow Law Makers who betrayed The Public Trusts and Above All are in Violations of The Laws of The United States of America! ( I wonder, if they thought or many are under the dillusions that they are in an elected Office of Their Country of Origins whose Passports they may be using to EXIT The US on Regular Basis to Deposit The Loot and Party over the Weekend and Comeback without any records! Why Should The Repubic of George Washington allow this to happen? Are the Loyalties of anyone who is on This Sacred Soil with Multiple Passports and Is at The Helm of Brokering The Law-Making resulting in changining the Destination of Our Country and It’s Core Values…We all must be kidding ourselves and The Republic! What do you think?

    Before, these Socalled Law Makers.have no Shame to first Follow themselves and commit Fellony until caught by Federal Investigators, it is not appopriate Under Equal Justice Dictum to go after the Dog Owners or Anyone for that matter!

    We cannot be naive to let the Law-Maker use a Privilages and Rights! NO ONE Specially those who claim To be Law Makers where the Facts are full in Newspapers Iof 2010. This is a Trend to fill pockets and protect each others! What does this practices exactly damage?

    America! Ladies and Gentlemen! America!
    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

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