State Dusts Off Artifacts as Cuomo’s Address Nears


As Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s second State of the State address draws closer, the state is pulling out more and more historical artifacts from governors past, with a set of old-timey cars and limousines being pulled onto the Empire State Plaza concourse as workers finish off interior improvements to the Capitol.

The cars — at least one of which was used by a former governor, as the TU’s Jimmy Vielkind noted yesterday — were pulled indoors Tuesday on the concourse between the state Capitol and the Empire State Plaza Convention Center. The Convention Center, of course, is where Cuomo will give his address for the second straight year.

Among the improvements to the Capitol state officials are hoping will be finished by Jan. 4? A refurbished skylight at the Assembly staircase, as well as a revamped Hall of Governors, which includes new lights and gubernatorial portraits that have been dusted off and restored.


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