Board scores another override, this one for basketball


The Westchester County Board of Legislators recently approved $750,000 to renovate Fourth Street Park in Mount Vernon under the county’s Legacy Program.

The board’s action was an override to County Executive Rob Astorino’s veto for this project and is addition to $250,000 lawmakers previously approved for design work.

The renovations will include state-of-the-art basketball courts with new surfaces, basketball backboards and supports, seating, lighting, utilities, equipment storage building, restrooms, fencing, streetscape, landscaping and signage as well as security and surveillance equipment.

      “This park is where young people learn valuable lessons of teamwork, discipline and structure,” said Lyndon Williams, a Democrat from Mount Vernon and vice chairman of the county board. “The Board’s approval of funding for these renovations shows that Westchester County truly cares about open space and keeping kids involved in positive and safe activities that encourage good sportsmanship and camaraderie.”

The park, located between South 7th Avenue and South 8th Avenue, is also known as the Mount Vernon Basketball Center; it’s known for hosting local talents including Ben Gordon, Gus and Ray Williams, and Loews Moore and other stars including Julius Erving and Nate Archibald, who have made appearances there in past summer tournaments, according to the county board.


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  1. This putz was directly in the forefront of the Housing fiasco while he ran HUD, driving the nation into bankruptcy (yes, bankrupt!) If Washington couldn’t simply PRINT money, we’d be done. Now, the Press treats Cuomo like a conquering hero. That’s what you get when you major in Communications or English and choose to write about economics and you employ puff journalism. – a large vacant spot in the brain where basic fiscal understanding should be.

  2. just the facts on

    cuomo has done a good job to date in new york..looking back on prior governors he
    has comparatively done an excellent job..and without the rancor as seen in other states
    like wisconsin and ohio…compared to spitzer and patterson he is far the superior political leader and a word about the housing fiasco…it wasn’t so much cuomo that made policy
    as bill clinton and barnie frank who wanted to encourage home ownership so they decided
    to change the rules on lending…and the bubble burst not because of anything HUD did
    but because the subprime loans that were made were packaged into bundles which the
    banking houses bet against by creating derivatives after they vouched for their credit
    worthyness to their own clients..cuomo had nothing to do with that.

  3. You live in a dream world. “The bubble burst not because of anything HUD did?” The bankers, cynical as they may be, did nothing but try to protect themselves from the horror and insanity that government policies forced upon them. Do you think they enjoy loaning money to certified deadbeats? In effect, they outsmarted government (as usual,) a government which proffered no oversight, only outrageous demands. And then, in self defense, when the whole thing blew up, as was inevitable, the government handed bankers boatloads of taxpayer money to recover from the debacle that government created in the first place. Don’t separate Andy Cuomo from Barney Frank, et al. They are cut from the very same broadcloth.

  4. just the facts on

    the government did not force the investment banks to create credit default swaps..
    the government did not force goldman sachs to select the subprime mortages that
    it wanted to package and sell to its clients making sure that the tranches that they
    selected contained only the poorest performing loans…and the government did not
    force the financial institutions to sell these instruments containing these toxic
    mortgages to clients including worldwide banking institutions in europe and around
    the world when they knew or had to know that they would eventually be worthless.
    and just to demonstrate that they knew exactly what they were doing they bet on
    against their own products and made billions in the process…andy cuomo had nothing
    to do with any of that and to suggest that as secretary of HUD he made policy which
    only the president and the congress can make is misleading at best and reveals your
    agenda which is to denigrate the are entitled to your own opinon but
    not your own facts

  5. Government policy and bogarting forced the banks to try to protect themselves. They are cynics and mountebanks, but even cynics, mountebanks (and rats) react when cornered. And they (and we, as individuals,) always react in their own self-interest. This is not opinion, but rather irrefutable truth. Preachers and Popes and optimists admirably seek the God particle, but “God” throughout history has been well known to be an amused observer rather than a moral imperative. That the government didn’t anticipate all of this speaks to its consummate naivete. Try dealing with reality.

  6. just the facts on

    stop the double are not familiar with what happened you are simply
    a partisan who probably listens to limbaugh on a daily basis..the government did
    in fact set the stage for the problem by encouraging home ownership and removing
    the wall between the investment bank portion of the business and the regular bank
    portion..but the failure to regulate what the banks were doing is not andy cuomo’s
    fault..and the greed demonstrated by countrywide and others who not only let to
    subprime borrowers (which may or may not have resulted in a meltdown we will never
    know) but to generate comissions they lent money to “no doc” no income and no
    income verification applicants..not just those whose income was low…this is called
    fraud and fannie and freddie got stuck with the bill.that means you…none of which had
    anything to do with andy cuomo

  7. Ad hominems are the refuges of small intellects which cannot bring an argument into proper focus. Further, one is not nominated for, nor does he accept the job running HUD if one disagrees with the prevailing government opinion on housing. Cuomo did. He is no better than Barney Frank. As such, he was a major player in the debacle. Period.

  8. The irony of ironies is that Cuomo has found success, accolades, and high poll ratings specifically because of his adoption of, and robust insistence upon, – fiscal conservatism! He has positioned himself fiscally even further to the Right than the cynical marshmallows in the supposedly Republican Senate. The public elected him and continues to cheer him on not because he is a big-spending Democrat, but despite it.

  9. just the facts on

    and what is wrong with did bill clinton…and he left us with a surplus which
    was immediately trashed by bush

  10. moderator, why are these comments about cuomo showing up at the article about mount vernon basketball, instead of the cuomo article? there are some good comments here.