State suspends federal school-improvement grants for 10 districts


State Education Commissioner John King just announced he is suspending millions of dollars in School Improvement Grant funding for all 10 school districts that receive the federal money. Six of the 10 school districts met the commissioner’s Saturday deadline to submit paperwork documenting that the district and teachers unions had reached agreements on new teacher and principal evaluations. But King said there are shortcomings in those plans that have to be remedied.

The districts involved are Rochester, Syracuse, NYC, Buffalo, Yonkers, Albany, Schenectady, Roosevelt (Nassau County), Poughkeepsie and Greenburgh 11 (Westchester County).

“The deadline is real; the funding is suspended,” King said in a statement. “The good news is that six districts (Roosevelt, Poughkeepsie, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and Rochester) showed real progress toward meeting the requirements for a teacher and principal evaluation system agreed to in their SIG applications. All 10 districts can request a hearing. If these six districts get back to the table immediately to address the shortcomings in their plans, the hearings should go well for them.”

Districts have 30 days to request a hearing.

These are the grant amounts:
— Albany: $3,295,402

— Buffalo: $9,279,358

— Greenburgh 11: $999,919

— New York City: $58,569,883

— Poughkeepsie: $1,999,703

— Rochester: $12,334,938

— Roosevelt: $1,875,468

— Schenectady: $2,000,000

— Syracuse: $11,500,000

— Yonkers: $3,500,000

This is the full news release from the Education Department:



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