Stewart-Cousins lays out Senate Dems agenda


Senate Democrats will continue to pursue independent redistricting, mandate relief and governmental reform in 2012, according to a legislative preview from Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

The Senate Democratic conference chose the Yonkers Democrat to lay out the agenda via video, which can be viewed below. It’s not so much a response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address, but rather a preview of things to come.

Without further ado…


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  1. Always distressed by this politician and her politics, but, after seeing N. Spano operate as a lobbyist and fixer for the past few years, I prefer her in office. She has a point of view often wrong, but consistent, at least, with what she preaches.

  2. She’d be a better Minority Leader for Senate Dems than the Krooked Klowns of Kweens and Brooklyn who have been running the show into the ground.