Cuomo for president?


Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in this New York Times story, dismisses a question as to whether he is thinking about running for president in four years.

Whether or not that happens, it seems that state Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, thinks it’s a good idea for the Democratic governor. Ball tweeted the following yesterday after the State of the State address.

@ball4ny Greg Ball
Great presentation. If Cuomo keeps on this path, he will be President. And he’ll deserve it.

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  1. Cuomo has to break free from the Comm to Save New York if he has any ideas about being President.

    The Comm to Save New York is millionaires and CEOs who want all and don’t want to pay decent wages, any benefits, or pensions to the workers who make their rich with their work. Nothing new there. Most are Conservative Republicans in stinky suits.
    Cuomo is their lackey and mouthpiece now

    Why do conservative Republicans continue to hate middle class taxpayers who are only trying to feed their families and pay their bills each month ??????

    Why do the conservatives only like millionaires and CEOs who are not hiring and who keep complaining about taxes as if they lived day to day as most middle class people do ???

    And why do middle class people who barely get by continue to defend the conservative Republicans on these and other comment boards?

    Wake up you people !”

  2. How simplistic can one get? Take a night course in basic economics and capitalism. Your sophomoric advice will turn us into Surinam.

  3. just the facts on

    get real is an ideologue..probably union guy who doesn’t understand how jobs are created
    and has a problem with successful people…its too bad..had he gotten an advanced degree
    in business he might have a different view of the world..most conservatives are not
    rich..but they believe that with less regulation and more private incentives they one
    day might be…and remember even millionaires live on a budget..maybe more than get
    real’s but a budget nevertheless.with interest rates at .5 percent so that get real and
    his friends can refinance the homes they bought but could not afford..even someone
    with 5 million dollars in the bank will only earn 25,000 a year in a CD so before you
    hurl accusations at millionaires remember that without them you wouldn’t have a job

  4. Well put, “facts.” At heart, the average voting Joe doesn’t despise wealth, but he does despise the attitude of arrogance from any quarter. That arrogance can come from the far right or far left, from the poor as well as the rich. Fact is, people care less about what another person makes, and more about the pugnacious and bellicose attitude presented. Almost always there’s more psychology at work than economics.

  5. just the facts on

    right on CPA..and that is why the middle will determine the next president..not the far
    left and not the far right..not ron paul and not al sharptons minions…it will be plain old

  6. …at least! When I read “Cuomo For President” Friday to Friday Seven Days! I feel of this advertising as; What is this (after 4 Years/and not now)…A His Master’s Voice?….Ths is not What The George Washington’s County need!

    We are a Nation not anyone’s Mojo ( fromerly it was called Karma of Or From The Country of What The Present US State Department’s Political Appointment wants “to Facilitate” in taking over the “globally-called” Next Superpower Status!

    Not! Acceptable to Me and My “Giant Nation’!… Please PRESS 2 for The Language in which the FOUNDING DOCUMENT The Supreme Law of The Land was Written? You are not kidding me.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller