State nabs retiree who took Fridays off for 17 years, got paid for them


State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli announced today that his office has reduced the pension of a retired state Department of Correctional Services employee and is seeking to recover $13,500 after the Cayuga County man admitted he was paid for 17 years of Fridays that he didn’t work. The Comptroller’s Office concluded Dean “had the support of senior management in many of his improprieties,” according to DiNapoli’s news release.

The state is reducing the annual pension of Howard Dean, 66, of Locke by nearly $4,000 a year. Dean pleaded guilty last year to second-degree larceny and is awaiting sentencing in Oneida County.

An audit and investigation by DiNapoli’s office found that Dean, who retired in 2008, defrauded the state of nearly $500,000 in unearned salary and improper perks who working as director of DOCS’ Food Production Center at the Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, Oneida County. The probe also determined Dean had submitted false time sheets and travel vouchers, requested donations for picnics and holiday parties from state vendors, and he directed $2.5 million in state business to them between 1992 and 2008.

“This recalculation and the prosecution sends a key message to any abuser entrusted with public funds: we will find you, we will hold you accountable and we will make you pay,” DiNapoli said in a statement. “My office will not tolerate abuses of the state pension system.  When a person commits fraud which boosts their pension benefits, we will aggressively seek to cut their payments to account for their theft to the full extent of the law.”

DiNapoli has proposed legislation to make official misconduct a felony and not a misdemeanor and require public officials to pay penalties of up to twice what they gained through their crimes. The state constitution currently prohibits pension forfeitures in such cases.

The Comptroller’s Office has a toll-free Fraud Hotline at 888-672-4555. Complaints can be filed online at or  sent to Office of the State Comptroller, Investigations Unit, 14th Floor, 110 State St., Albany, NY 12236.


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  1. DiNapoli is a hypocrite. He is still paying pensions to individuals who do not have the required service determination hours; who held themselve out to be Tier 1, and Tier 2, and who never contributed. One example is a man by the name of John Wapner. His CV says he worked at SUNY Albany, but he never did. SUNY has for about six months refuse to answer a FOIL request; however, I have their payroll department confirming that he was never associated with them in any way, shape or form. I even gave them his social security number that was turned over to me by OSC in 2008. DiNapoli clean up your own house too.

  2. Further, unless the person cited in the above referenced article actually agreed to the reduction in pension, DiNapoli knows all too well that he cannot change a pension after four months of paying out retirement benefits. DiNapoli in an attempt to take away (MAINTAIN IN REALITY) pensions for a lot of “Consultants,” took away pensions of some lawyer and doctors a few years back. I can’t honestly say that I know the final outcome of that case, but, my guess is, DiNapoli did not go about it the right way. The statute on conspiracy is quite long. In order to take away pensions doled out NYS RETIREMENT SYSTEM, and OSC, DiNapoli needs to propose legislative initiatives that would include taking away the pensions of these, “Consultants,” legally as they were fraudulently obtained. The person mentioned in the aforementioned post, not only started collecting a “Small” pension about 7 years ago, he never skipped a beat and continued working in several capacities with the State, DOCS, now DOCCS, NYS Civil Service, and other positions. Look in the mirror, Tom. (A big shout out to CASEY.)

  3. Isn’t that cool! What was he or [they] doing on Fridays? . . . . Well! Have twice the Shame on You: First for Deceiving The Republic of George Washington [where many put-up a Bill Board] oscuring My Christmas . . . and later steal the Government Money [not working on Firdays] and Deceiving their Respective Gods . . .[that they have divided or have a particular Word for the One [they Worship]! with The United States Constitution’s Freedom of Religion; but [in a Country that Seperates Religion From Politics]; but those Founding Fathers did not give their own “Religion” so that everyone else will “taking for granted” the “so-Freedom of Religion” for Private Gains and Start Imposing the Respective Practices, Culture or Thier Private Values Upon The Republic? Where was this suppossed to happen; and curse the Country in Private and Go for business in Germany! Why! How much more hyprocrise is it?

    We must have a Law where; if someone who cannot “Recite, Stand-up or Respect The Flag of The United States of America” should not be allowed to Serve any Office of Public Trust [not even a local government office]!

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  4. Instead of finding some simple dimwitted shlep slacker who took Fridays off for 17 years, if he had the backbone to investigate the profligate school unions, I might dredge up some respect for him. Won’t happen.

  5. Smartporpoise is correct. A guy took off Fridays for 17 years? Sounds to me DiNapoli is looking for cases that bring him good press.