Democratic Governors’ Event Hosted By Cuomo To Be Closed To Press


A Democratic Governors Association policy conference in Manhattan later this month hosted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo won’t be open to the media, a spokesman for the group told Gannett’s Albany Bureau today.

“Policy conferences are an opportunity for governors to speak with each other and with business and labor leaders about how they are working together to create jobs in their states,” said association spokesman Mark Giangreco in an email. “The events are generally closed to the press.”

He said the closed-press policy would apply to the upcoming conference on Jan 26-27.

The New York Post last month said the event would be Cuomo’s “first formal move onto the national political scene.”

The association said Cuomo will be hosting the event, speaking to the others governors in attendance at a breakfast on Jan. 27 and participating in the panel discussion that day.

Those events as well as the main event — a three-hour “Policy Discussion on Successful Public-Private Partnerships: Creating Jobs by Reinvesting in Our Infrastructure” on Jan. 27 — will be closed to the media, the association said. The registration website says “there will be no media availability at this event,” but the association said that applies to the event even being open to the press.

According to the association’s website, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is the group’s chairman, will be in attendance — as well as Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear; Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin.

The event, however, is apparently open to the public. It’s $350 a person.


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  1. I think Cuomo already was presented on the national scene by Danny Hakim of the NY Times. Mr. Hakim’s excellent investigative reporting of the horrific problems/abuse of the disabled in the care of NY State has received a lot of national attention. Many national media sites covered the continued severe problems, despite Governor Cuomo’s declaration of strict oversight and corrective action. According to the feds, there continues to be no accountability, and Cuomo’s administration must come up with a plan of correction by tomorrow.
    Tolerating abuse of our most vulnerable citizens, and then allowing the abusers to remain on the NY State payroll, is outrageous. This lack of leadership will not put Cuomo in a good light in 2016. Sometimes human decency trumps the economy Governor.
    If this conference involves discussing/plotting/planning of public dollars, it should be open to the media.
    Why does the Journal News give Cuomo such positive press?

  2. Agree with riverfan.

    What does the LoHud paper give Cuomo such positive press.?

    Oppurtunist governor with photo ops and big plans for future national attention. Stepping stone in New York

  3. Democrat in Name Only on

    Cuomo is wildly successful because he has started to embrace fiscal responsibility. He was not elected to be a Democrat, but to be an intelligent fiscal steward. Look at the platform he ran on. The people are fed up with charletans.

  4. BAsically, this conference is about how the New York Works Infrastructure Fund, which will essentially pay for the Tappan Zee Bridge, will be set up. The reason he doesn’t want press involved is because he has told reporters that the state will not use private sector money to fund the $5.2 billion replacement bridge. The fact is, the NY Works Infra fund will do exactly that. For every $1 that New York state puts in to it, $15 will contributed by the private sector. The advisors of the fund most likely will Wall Street folks. The entire plan to buld a new TZB is an end-around that Cuomo is pulling on the state Senate. No law exists that permits the state to engage in a pulic private partnership (Sen. Fruschillo currently is trying to push through S.5445), yet the way the financing for the new bridge is exactly that: a public private partnership. Because the fund is being run by the state, Cuomo legally does not have to say that it is being funded by the private sector, even though it is.

    I don’t like the prospect of having the very people who nearly bankrupt the country in 2008 making a profit every time I pay a toll on that bridge.