Astorino Hits Cuomo Over Triborough Amendment


Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino said the state should either repeal or change the Triborough Amendment, which lets expired union contracts continue with pay raises until a new deal is that hinders fair negotiations with public employee unions in contract negotiations.

Astorino, the Republican first-term executive who has battled with unions since taking office, said the Triborough Amendment adopted in 1982 has discouraged unions from agreeing to givebacks or concessions. He said because the contracts continue they expire, there is little incentive to reach a deal with local governments.

Astorino is considered a leading candidate to challenge Cuomo in 2014 when Cuomo seeks re-election.

The Wall Street Journal yesterday, citing unnamed sources, said Cuomo isn’t expected to address the law in his budget next week.

“I’m disheartened to hear that state leaders have no plans to repeal one of the most detrimental state mandates that strips local governments’ ability to fairly negotiate contracts and balance their budgets,” Astorino said in a statement.

“New York once again has the distinction of being the only state in the nation to have such an archaic and wrongheaded law. Governor Cuomo has demonstrated his desire to bring needed reforms on behalf of taxpayers and putting an end to the Triborough Amendment would make a dramatic impact toward that goal.”


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  1. King Astorino at it again. Wants to attack unions once again. Who put you up to it Bill O’Reilly future deputy governor?

  2. The problem is Astorino will not “fairly” negotiate even if this is appealed. Break the unions that is all he wants to do period.

  3. The union workers have it so good in New York compared to other states.

    The problem is, it has given us $15,000 property taxes for regular ordinary houses. If my taxes were $7,500 I wouldn’t care. But they are not.

    This Triborough amendment is unique to New York, and a complete joke.

  4. Tell the truth on

    Has Astorino ever sat in the room and really negotiated with the labor unions or does he just try to negotiate though the media.

    Don’t state unions have the same constraint when they negotiate? Why was the governor able to come up with new agreements with concessions. Maybe the issue is dealing with a bully like Astorino.

  5. “Triborough Amendment, which lets expired union contracts continue with pay raises until a new deal is reached a law that hinders fair negotiations with public employee unions in contract negotiations,” This is not acurate there are no pay raises when the contract expires the Triborough Act only keeps the current contract active after it expires there are no RAISES when the contract expires………also it was put in effect in 1982 which made it illegal for public employee unions to strike………if there was no Triborough Act police and fire officers would be able to strike………….So Mr Astorino you shuold really know what you are talking about before you bash it…………

  6. The raises come retroactively with a HUGE payment, then more raises. Astorino is correct, and he is correct to attack it.

  7. Seems the current County Exec Astorino He is an opportunist who is raking in over $1.7 Million in salary, benefits, and perks over the 4 years he will be County Executive when his health costs for his family of 5, his pension cost on his salary of $179,000 per year is computed, his free cars (2 of them), his drivers, his bodyguards, free gas, and free travel perks are all totalled in to his salary cost.

    Similar sums are in effect for many of his flunkies who he appointed and who arrive in County employment at grade 12 salaries and who quickly get a County car for take home use and othwer perks with little to no real responsibilities.

  8. You sure have a short memory. Spano took all and MORE of the benefits of the job for over a decade and raised taxes to an obscene level while he was doing it. If you argued that we don’t need County government, I might agree with you, but I suspect that you just seek even more extravagant money going into the deep pockets of the overpaid and pampered.

  9. No one talks about the fact that these Unions can’t go on strike because they are public employees and that this fact is the reason that their contracts don’t expire. If the unions would “given” the right to go on strike then their contracts could expire…

  10. Level the playing field. If the County Executive wants to remove triborough then he should give unions back there entitlement to strike if there is no fair bargaining on the part of employers. Level the playing field.

  11. Alison Pinsley on

    Astorino is not telling the truth here. He refurbished his office to the tune or 15M and is continuing to hire new staff for the 9th floor. Where is he getting the money if the Count is “so broke” as he claims? He should put himself in the shoes of some of his lowest paid employees and live without in some cases to the point that it hurts. Like some municipalities to to “dirty” landlords, making them live in their own building without heat, hot water, to see what their tenants are going thru. Cty. Exec. Astorino, could you do without what you are use to having? Try it and get back to us. We do without many things because we can’t afford it.

  12. End result: When you walk a mile in someone’s shoes, you’re a mile away and you have his shoes.

  13. Seems appropriate here to state this again:

    Cant trust most modern day devious and duplicitous Republicans.

    They have disgraced their once proud heritage and become pawns of exclusionists, billionaires, and the right wing fanatics.

  14. Go Rob! In Albany, he can and will make changes and get the monkey of mandates attacked. He’ll also bring the schools to heel and rejuvenate homeowners whose school, city, and county tax bills are more than their mortgage payments.

  15. Please note that the high taxes are from your local municipality and your schools, NOT the county. County taxes are nothing in comparison. Go after your municipality if you want to seek changes. County workers are not pampered and they work hard for their wages and benefits. Astorino should put his efforts into bring business into Westchester instead of alienating the workers.

  16. Everyone already well knows that the local and school taxes dwarf the county tax. The point is, that Astorino is DOING something about taxes he CAN control. Would that all the rest of them would do the same!