CSEA responds to Astorino on Triborough


 Westchester County’s largest union, CSEA, issued these statements against County Executive Rob Astorino’s call to repeal the Triborough Amendment.

“The Triborough Amendment leveled the playing field for union negotiations in New York State,” said CSEA Southern Region President Billy Riccaldo. “A look back in our state’s history shows that prior to the Triborough Amendment, many public employers refused to negotiate in good faith, knowing full well that the Taylor Law prevents public workers from the option of striking.”

“Today’s statement from County Executive Astorino is another attempt to distract Westchester residents from his stubborn refusal to address a number of other cost savings proposals in contract negotiations,” said CSEA Westchester County Unit President Karen Pecora. “Our state elected officials understand that Triborough fosters an environment for negotiations that is fair to both sides.”



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  1. CSEA has a proud history of providing services to municipalities, counties, and to the state taxpayers for over 100 years.

    Dont back down CSEA.
    Please vigorously defend outright lies and attacks on the real workers it represents who provide the real services as opposed to the politicians such as Astorino who love to appear in print and on biased “news shows” spewing more divisiveness as the Jan 13 press release of his.

    Fact is the current County Executive is a bully, a media hound, a phony baloney as far as qualifications to run a $1.B billion County, and a huge mistake for the vast majority of taxpayers in Westchester who do not believe in his philosophy.

    He is hunting to be in the lime light and in front of microphones every day.

    We need a real County Executive who has qualifications and credentials instead of a media pro who knows how to twist words to confuse the taxpayers he pretends to defend.

  2. just the facts on

    to get real…get real….why should a contract continue to exist after its expiration date
    for municpal workers…that isn’t the case in the private sector…what incentive does a municipal union have to renegotiate if times are tough…coming off a generous times
    are good contract..why should muncipal workes be insulated from real world economics..
    the Triborough amendment is simply a method by which unions can engage in extortion
    rather than negotiation…and the present failure of the unions to agree to contibute
    even small amounts to their own health care is a perfect example

  3. Sure is funny how so many middle class people – who are barely getting by after paying their bills and feeding their family – continue to defend the stories from conservative Republicans.

    These modern day conservative Republicans are doing all they can to remove benefits and economic gains – made over the last 50 years – from the middle class people who defend them.

    Cant trust most modern day devious and duplicitous Republicans.

    They have disgraced their once proud heritage and become pawns of exclusionists, billionaires, and the right wing fanatics.

  4. just the facts on

    once again get real..you are trying to conflate the issue involved in the triborough amendment which allows contract continuation with class warfare that you believe
    is being waged by national republicans…but I note for the record that you have failed
    to answer the quesiton posed in my prior post…and the reason is that you like
    many other union workers believe you are simply “entitled”..and that’s the disconnect
    the public no longer is buying into your entitlement because they are holding the bag for
    it..all those middle class people you are talking about don’t get the perks your union
    members do..and they are tired of footing the bill

  5. When union members are reduced down to the pitiful level of non union workers then WHAT?

    What will self righteous pompous defenders of billionaires and CEOs and conservative opportunistic politicans such as Astorino going to do then?
    What will they defend then?
    So then EVERYONE will be at a lower level economically and the billionaires will be richer.

    Then WHAT …Just the Facts..WHAT?

  6. Pay valuable people well and pay hangers-on, malingerers, and constant complainers minimum, or jettison them outright. Unions, by operating in a communist closet, cost the most competent workers from getting their individual just due. The available dollars are divided regardless of competence which eventually disgusts the creative and drags them down to the state of general incompetence that we are all artificially forced to live with.

  7. My union doesn’t do anything for me except pay my dentist twice a year -$60 bucks and once every two years pays about $100 for glasses. The rest of my dues goes to whatever the union wants to do with my money. My interview was put on hold and now temps are holding the clerical positions – how is CSEA helping me. I get all of the nasty pamphlets that generalize republicians and tell me how great Obama is. All of the spending including my Union giving the Democratic Party my money without my wishes.