Astorino has close to $1 million in the bank


After a push to raise more cash, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has just under a million on hand.

The Republican is expected to report to the state elections board that he raised roughly $545,000 during the last six months and that he has $974,000 in the bank.

He reported having $712,000 at his July filing and was active during the latest races for the Board of Legislature, which picked up two Republican seats in November.

“I am very pleased with our fund raising success this quarter,” Astorino wrote in an email to Politics on the Hudson. “Driving through tax and government reform can be an expensive proposition, especially when well-funded special interests are working day-and-night to block those reform efforts. These contributions will help ensure that I can speak directly with Westchester families, who have ultimate say on the direction in which this county will move.”

In the days leading up to the filing deadline, Astorino’s campaign asked its donors to contribute to help him “fight to save New York from the highest taxes and worst business climate in America.”



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