Tuxedo Park mayor wants to challenge Hayworth


The mayor of the village of Tuxedo Park in Orange County has announced he is seeking the Democratic Party line to run against Rep. Nan Hayworth of Bedford.

Mayor Tom Wilson is the third Democrat to announce against Hayworth in the 19th Congressional District.

However, the boundaries of the Congressional District have not yet been set through redistricting.

One or more of the candidates could be redistricted out of the 19th.

A candidate still is eligible to run if he or she does not live in the district, but it does have an impact on electability.

The two other Democratic candidates are cardiologist Richard Becker of Cortlandt ManorĀ and Wappingers Falls Mayor Matt Alexander.


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  1. Tom Wilson is a Wall Street stooge. A 1%’er who lives in fancy Tuxedo park. He could care less about working families. Beck has my vote.

  2. All these small-time, self-deluding megalomaniacs should forget about national office and run for the State Assembly, where their miniscule talents will comfortably fit in.