Senator Ball Stirs Up Anti-Fracking Crowd


Sen. Greg Ball made a cameo appearance today at an anti-fracking event in the Well of the Legislative Office Building.

Ball, a Republican from Patterson, Putnam County, has been a staunch opponent of fracking — a rare stance in his conference and an unlikely one for Ball, a conservative Republican. He has led hearings and events in his district opposed to hydrofracking.

He joked that most of the people at the event would likely vote against him twice if they lived in his district — in the morning and then at night.

But he said members of the Tea Party want to hold the industry accountable.

Here’s some of his comments.


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  1. This guy sound like Foghorn Leghorn. Sorely in need of an extended public speaking course. And what’s with the y’alls? He should run against Ken Jenkins so we can enjoy a few high pitched squeaks debate around the dense fog.

  2. Mental Atrophy on

    And, got to love these sophomoric, empty headed politicians who instead of doing their homework, never tire of quoting a wailing pot head they met in a Starbucks or some rural farmer’s tale of woe when they’re responsible for tens of thousands of jobs, restoring the economy and finding ways for this nation to become energy self sufficient.

  3. Ball knows how to gain attention and support. He grabs onto a controversial issue that will gain him the most attention. Whether or not he truly cares is not his issue. What he wants is to impress voters so when he follows his goals in politics, he has name recognition.
    What will be the next hot topic after the hydrofracting ???? Anybody’s guess.