Judge: Primaries For Congressional Seats June 26


Here’s the ruling from federal Judge Gary Sharpe, setting the primaries for congressional election this year for June 26.

The presidential primary in New York is set for April 24. The ruling doesn’t affect the primaries for state legislative elections this year, but it could complicate matters as Senate Republicans in particular have preferred an Aug. 18 primary for state elections.

Read the ruling here.


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  1. George Latimer on

    The issue is not difficult: establish a June Primary date, for all races.

    Why? It is easier for more people to vote in June than in August.
    1) People are not vacationing in June; many do vacation in August.
    2) In June, college students are home, not away at school.
    3) Weather is generally good in June; it can be oppressively hot in August.
    4) While August is in compliance with Federal law for military voters, it cuts the margin closely; there’s no possible chance of delay getting military absentee ballots out and back if the primary is in June.
    5) A June primary allows all General Election candidates sufficient time to organize their fall campaigns. An August primary benefits incumbents who have greater name recognition and need less time to execute their campaign.

    The State Legislative Session can be amended to break in May. The budget is expected to be passed on time again this year; other legislation can be moved up to completion in April and May (often, there is needless delay, until the last week in June).

    George Latimer
    NYS Assemblyman