The Cuomo Administration’s Mandate Relief Roadshow


Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide is getting the band together and hitting the road, but its schedule still needs some tweaking.

Cuomo’s mandate relief council — led by Secretary to the Governor Larry Schwartz, pictured — will hit all corners of the state to hold hearings on ways to ease state mandated costs on local governments, a point of contention among local officials.

But while Cuomo’s office released a framework itinerary today, it’s far from final or specific. The schedule lists broad regions — such as the Hudson Valley and Western New York — but doesn’t have specific times or locations.

Here’s the basic schedule, with specifics to be “announced announced closer to the date of the actual meeting,” according to a news release. The hearings will be streamed live here.

Feb. 10 – Long Island
Feb. 23 – Central NY
Feb. 24 – Mohawk Valley
Feb. 27 – Hudson Valley
Feb. 28 – Capital Region
Mar. 2 – North Country East
Mar. 8 – North Country West
Mar. 9 – Southern Tier
Mar. 16 – Western NY
Mar. 16 – Finger Lakes

(AP Photo)


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